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Front Page

DSC Restructures Student Newspaper. Jeanne A. Marre (p. 1)

CUNY Audits 1987-1988 Doctoral Students’ Council: “Serious Shortcomings” or Gross Mismanagement? Al Cofribas (p. 1)

Table of Contents (p. 1)

Around & About The Center

The Doctoral Students’ Council: A Report (p. 2)

Photograph: Hallway to Heaven (p. 2)

Illustration: Wishful Thinking (p. 2)

What’s in a Name, anyway? Carina Yervasi (p. 2)

Dining With Inka: The Croissant Craze (p. 3)

MLA Memories: Student Talk Out of School. Cheryl Fish, ed. (p. 3)

Dear Mr. Update (p. 3)

International Woman’s Day (p. 3)

Presidential Search Committee Announced (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 4)

Editorials & Letters

Sweeping Generalities (p. 4)

Whose State of the Arts? Susan Betz (p. 4)

Dueling Derridas: Overt Intellectualism! Sean McCann (p. 5)

Happy Disciple. Ed Marx (p. 5)

Aesthetic Judgements (p. 5)

Reflections & Commentary

A Celebration of Camp in Dangerous Times. Jarrod Hayes (p. 5)

Toward a Critical Writing Pedagogy. Gary Paul Gilbert (p. 6)


CUNY to Establish Campus in Japan (p. 7)

Horror and Lies in Latin America. Thomas Smith (p. 7)

Advertisement: Restaurant Associates (p. 8)

Arts & Events

A Cigar for Doom in Academe. Carol Siri Johnson (p. 9)

Margaret Ponce Israel. Arta D. Lucescu-Boutcher (p. 11)

Illustration: Horses, #4, Margaret Ponce Israel (p. 11)

Announcement: Democratic Socialists of America (p. 11)

In the Groove: Hasan Hakim & An Uncommon Jazz/Blues Ensemble. George McClintock III (p. 12)

Photograph: An Uncommon Jazz/Blues Ensemble (p. 12)

Announcement: International Students Association (p. 12)

Feuding In Concert: The Friends and Enemies of New Music. Christine Hutchins (p. 13)

Photograph: The Friends and Enemies of New Music (p. 13)

Announcement: Gay & Lesbian Students Association (p. 13)

Announcement: Women in War & Peace (p. 15)

Advertisement: The Advocate (p. 15)


Office of Psychological Counseling (p. 16)

Announcement: Office of the Dean for Student Affairs (p. 16)

Hot Dates (p. 16)

Advertisement: Restaurant Associates (p. 16)

Advertisement: Type 24 (p. 16)

Advertisement: Lotfi’s Couscous (p. 16)



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