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Front Page

English Program Moves to Change Requirements (p. 1)

Art History Students Protest Plans to Expand Program. George McClintock III (p. 1)

Table of Contents (p. 1)

Around & About The Center

Poetry New York: Readings at the Gas Station (p. 2)

Wanted: Volunteers for Census (p. 2)

Oyez! Oyez! Carina Yervasi (p. 2)

Mystery Homophobe in West Hall (p. 2)

Committee for Cultural Studies Redefines the First Person Pronoun Plural (p. 2)

Announcement: Gay & Lesbian Students Association (p. 2)

Announcement: The Advocate (p. 2)

Cartoon: I cannot comment on the canon, it would jeopardize my neutrality. Joel [illegible] (p. 2)

Students Influence Promotion Decision (p. 3)

CUNY Budget Proposal 1990-91: Good News & Bad News (p. 3)

Dear Mr. Update (p. 3)

Announcement: International Students Association (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 4)

Editorials & Letters

Public Relations (p. 4)

Educated Bias (p. 4)

A Critique of Gary Paul Gilbert’s “Critical” Pedagogy. Thomas Smith (p. 4)

To the Editors. Mark Goldblatt (p. 4)

Reflections & Commentary

War on the Fortieth Floor: The English Comps Affair (p. 5)

To Behave or to ACT UP. Jarrod Hayes (p. 5)

Canon Fodder. Gary Paul Gilbert (p. 6)


Pro-Democracy Supporters Arrested and Tortured in Nepal: Students and Professors Purged, Newspapers Banned (p. 7)

Nepalese Embassy Refutes Press Reports. Bamadeva P. Aryal (p. 7)

Congressional Letter Expresses Concern. Stephen J. Solarz, Jolene Unsoeld, James T. Walsh, Clairoborne Pell, Patrick Moynihan, Edward M. Kennedy (p. 7)

Arts & Events

Money Talks… but does it Lecture? Ed Marx (p. 9)

Epic America. David Weisberg (p. 9)

The Ways Women Look. Jean Gallagher (p. 9)

The Big Dance. Spoon Robinson and Junie Kittley (p. 10)

Calendar of Upcoming Events (p. 12)

Announcement: Socialist Scholars Conference (p. 13)

No Roaring Volcano. Paul Casciani (p. 14)

Advertisement: The Advocate (p. 15)


Fellowship Application Workshop (p. 16)

Census Project (p. 16)

Restaurant Associates (p. 16)

Hot Dates (p. 16)

Democratic Socialists of America (p. 16)

Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 16)

Gay & Lesbian Students Association (p. 16)

International Students Association (p. 16)

Classifieds (p. 16)

Advertisement: Lotfi’s Couscous (p. 16)



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