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Front Page

Behind the Bookshelves: CUNY Libraries & the Budget Crisis. Caroline Pari (p. 1)

CUNY Professor’s Opinions Denounced: Graduate School Philosopher Accused of Racism. Christine Hutchins (p. 1)

Photograph: Students on Strike at John Jay College, Spring 1989 (p. 1)

Heaviest Element Discovered. Department of Biology, University of Utah (p. 1)

Table of Contents (p. 1)

Around & About The Center

An Open Letter from Art History Students (p. 2)

Distinguished Professor Linda Nochlin Bids Adieu. Linda Nochlin (p. 2)

C.C.S. $ (p. 2)

Correction (p. 2)

Women in War and Peace: The Space of Female Heroism. Margaret Logreira (p. 3)

Six Years at the Bottom of the Food Chain: Life as a CUNY Adjunct. Thomas Glynn (p. 3)

Dear Mr. Update (p. 3)

Will CUNY Students Strike? (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 4)

Editorials & Letters

Hey! Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Ho! Levin and Jeffries Gotta Go (p. 4)

For the Chic of the People (p. 4)

English Program: Whose War? George Guida, Caroline Pari, Bob Timm, Steering Committee, The English Students Alliance (p. 4)

Confessions of a Survivor. Burt Kimmelman (p. 4)

Mystery Homophobe Exposes Self. Mystery Homophobe (p. 5)

Moralizing Philistines. Ben Yarmolinsky (p. 6)

Revisions: A Critical Writing Pedagogy. Bennett Graff (p. 6)

Reflections & Commentary

Bondage and Disciplines: In Search of the Interdisciplinary at CUNY (and Elsewhere). Ed Marx (p. 5)

Socialist Scholars On Parade. Thomas Smith (p. 5)


Update: Nepal. Binita Mehta (p. 7)

Communism, Democracy & U. S. Imperialism. Brian Guerre (p. 8)

Arts & Events

Cultural Counter-Terrorism. George McClintock III (p. 9)

Loaded Canons. Mark Goldblatt (p. 10)

Sinead O’Connor & The Cowboy Junkies. Paul Casciani (p. 11)

Surreal Life Top 10. Tom Burgess (p. 11)

Announcement: International Students Association (p. 12)

Announcement: Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 14)

Announcement: Women in War and Peace II (p. 15)


Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 16)

Restaurant Associates (p. 16)

Hot Dates (p. 16)

Advertisement: Lotfi’s Couscous (p. 16)



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