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Slanderous Inferences: Environmental Psychology Faculty Defends Decision to Terminate Student. S. Saegert, D. Chapin, K. Christensen, R. Hart, C. Katz, J. Kubran, S. Low, L. Rivlin, G. Winkel, M. Wolfe (p. 1)

Rallying Against U.S. Aggression in the Middle East. Mohamed Aly and Kim Ives (p. 1)

Where Have All The Books Gone? Faculty Abuse of Library Borrowing Privileges. Andrew Long (p. 1)

Inside (p. 1)

Around & About The Center

Part-Timers United: New Adjunct Group Forming. Thomas Smith (p. 2)

Proposed Destruction of Cree and Inuit Homelands. Julia Scalcione (p. 2)

Doctoral Students’ Council Report. Michael Glassman (p. 2)

Corrections: September 1990 (p. 2)

Dear Ms. Update (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 4)

Editorials & Letters

Who Speaks for Students? (p. 4)

Irresponsible, Immature and Unprofessional. Ba et al. (p. 4)

Procedures & Policy. Ph.D. Program in Psychology. Herbert D. Salzstein (p. 5)

Unfounded accusations. Rachel Pfeffer (p. 5)

Common Sense. J. Asia Bak (p. 6)

Assets, and Not Liabilities. Prateek Patnaik (p. 8)

Reflections & Commentary

The Reproduction of Michael Levin. Adam Vinueza (p. 5)

Domsey Strike. Jenn Parker (p. 8)


Europe Without Borders: Some Thoughts On German Reunification. Elliot Jünger (p. 7)

Reflections on Yefim Katz’s “Democracy and Brotherhood in the Middle East.” Muhammad Muhaisen (p. 7)

Arts & Events

Writing Moscow: Derrida On Vacation. Gary Paul Gilbert (p. 11)

Primal Constructions. Lakshmi Bandlamudi (p. 13)

Top 8 of the New York Streets (p. 13)

Gangsters. John Condon (p. 15)

Announcements / Advertisements

Office of International Students (p. 3)

China Institute of America (p. 3)

The Advocate (p. 8)

Apple Computer (p. 10)

The Graduate Center Organization for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Concerns (p. 11)

IBM (p. 12)

Apple Computer (p. 14)

Group Counseling Opportunities. Psychological Counseling and Adult Development Center (p. 16)

International Students Association (p. 16)

Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 16)

The Dining Commons (p. 16)



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