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Harold M. Proshansky 1920-1990. Eric K. Glunt (p. 1)

Welcome to the Occupation (p. 1)

The Pursuit of Understanding: An Intellectual History. Harold M. Proshansky (p. 1)

Off the Record with President Proshansky. George McClintock III (p. 15)

More Bad CUNY Budget News. Thomas Smith (p. 1)

Inside (p. 1)

Around & About The Center

CUNY Chancellor Reynolds Meets with Students (p. 2)

Graduate School Prepares Anti-Bias Pamphlet. Andrew Long (p. 2)

What the Bias Pamphlet Has to Say. Office of the Dean for Student Affairs (p. 2)

Table of Contents (p. 2)

Top 10 Demonstration Sites of the New York Streets. Thomas Burgess (p. 3)

Provost Steven M. Cahn Appointed Acting President of the Graduate School (p. 3)

Disempowerment: Distinguished Professor Rosalind Krauss Accepts Ivy League Position. Rosalind Krauss (p. 3)

Graduate School Reveals the Presidential Final Four (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 4)

Editorials & Letters

King Cahn and the Restoration of Authority (p. 4)

Minority Students Concerned About Cahn. Concerned Members of MSA (p. 4)

Part-time Health Benefits for Part-timers. A. Bidi (p. 4)

TCUNY? Martin J. Warmbrand (p. 5)

Reflections & Commentary

Shouting from the Rooftop: Doing Things with Michael Levin. Jarrod Hayes (p. 5)

Sexual Harassment: The Victim’s Fault? Sarah Boslaugh, David Chain, Jarrod Hayes, Jonathan Lang (p. 5)


Shades of Hitler in the Persian Gulf. John Condon (p. 7)

Arts & Events

Can Capitalism Reclaim the Informal Economy? Review of The Other Path: Invisible Revolution in the Third World by Hernando De Soto. Sofia Friedman (p. 9)

Announcements / Advertisements

Attention All Adjuncts. Part Timers United (p. 3)

Ninth Annual Socialist Scholars Conference. CUNY-DSA (p. 4)

Election Announcement. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 8)

Writing Workshop (p. 12)

Increased Rates for Blue Shield. Student Information Services (p. 12)

Events and Announcements. The Committee for Cultural Studies (p. 13)

Apple Computer (p. 14)

Free Workshop on Preparation of Fellowship Applications. Office of the Dean for Student Affairs (p. 15)

Call for Paper and Proposals for a National Conference: “Banality and Fatality in Cultural Studies.” Committee for Cultural Studies (p. 16)

The Organization of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Concerns (p. 16)

The Dining Commons (p. 16)

CUNY Students Against the War (p. 16)



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