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Editorial: No More Lip Service. Andrew Long, Tara McGann, Michael Waldron (p. 1)

Dr. Frances Degen Horowitz is Named the President of The Graduate School (p. 1)

Planned Shrinkage of the CUNY System. Tom Smith (p. 1)

Advocate Congratulates [Dr. Horowitz] (p. 1)

Photograph: April 1991: Student controlled NAC Building at CCNY (p. 1)

Table of Contents (p. 1)

Around & About The Center

Student Action Halts Granting of Degree to Bush’s Secretary of Education: No Honors for Lamar Alexander. Tom Smith (p. 2)

Bartlett Speaks! The PTU, CUNY Crisis, and Student Activism. Ron Hayduk (p. 2)

Levin and Jeffries Off the Hook. Derrek Neely (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 4)

Editorials & Letters

Resist the New World Order (p. 4)

What Counseling on Campus? A Psychology Alumna (p. 4)

MSA Announcement. Mary Eustace Valmont (p. 4)

Reflections & Commentary

The 90s Budget Cuts, Latinos and the University of the Future. Camille Rodriguez (p. 5)

Supplement: Splinter, April 1991, Vol. 1, No. 2

Students vs. Budget Cuts (supp. p. 1)

Editorial: For New Alliances Against the New World/CUNY Order. Andrew Long, Michael Waldron (supp. p. 1)

The On-going Lesson: A Brief History of Access and Tuition at CUNY. Kate McCaffrey (supp. p. 1)

Closing Down?: Democracy, the GSUC, and the Open University. Interview with Stanley Aronowitz (supp. p. 1)

Review: Communists Like Us by Felix Guattari and Toni Negri. Michael G. Pelias (supp. p. 1)

Splinter Table of Contents (supp. p. 1)

Splinter Masthead (supp. p. 2)

An Interview with Toni Negri. Alice Jardine and Brian Massumi (supp. p. 3)

Metaphor and War: The Metaphor System Used to Justify War in the Gulf. George Lakoff (supp. p. 8)

Atrocities Past: Excerpts from the Vietnam War Crimes Inquiry. Page Dougherty Delano (supp. p. 9)

Photograph: April 12th CUNY March through Harlem (supp. p. 12)

Photograph: Police Muster behind New York City Tech (supp. p. 12)

CUNY Budget News

Chancellor Reynolds’ New CUNY Order. Jack Lyons (p. 7)

Cuomo’s Budget Cutting Hits CUNY. Pam Donovan (p. 7)

Students Protest in Albany: Operation Budget Storm. Ian McGowan (p. 7)

The Graduate School Strikes Back! Tara McGann and Andrew Long (p. 9)

CUNY Strike News

Graduate Center Student Strike Update (p. 10)

“Strike Breaking” 101 at 80th St. Tara McGann (p. 10)

Announcements / Advertisements

Preparing Fellowship Applications. Office of the Dean for Student Affairs (p. 3)

Fulbright Grants for Research Abroad (p. 3)

Remember to Vote! (p. 3)

Attention All Writers!! The Advocate (p. 4)

Advertise in the Advocate!! (p. 4)

The Dining Commons (p. 5)

Announcement: Banality and Fatality in Cultural Studies. CUNY Committee for Cultural Studies (p. 7)

Announcement: Concerned About the Environment? Central Park Conservancy, Prospect Park Alliance, City Parks Foundation, NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation (p. 8)

Apple Computer (p. 12)



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