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Fall 2014




Fall No. 2



From the Editor’s Desk: Politics and the Academy (p. 3)

Letter to the Editor: The Dangers of BDS (p. 5)

CUNY News in Brief: PSC, Trustees Wrangle over Adjunct Pay (p. 6)

Guest Editorial: Ebola Czar, but No Surgeon General?, Amy Goodman with Denis Moynihan (p. 8)

Photo Essay: International Solidarity with Mexican Students, CUNY Internationalist Clubs (p. 10)

Political Analysis: The No State Solution: Institutionalizing Libertarian Socialism in Kurdistan, Alexander Kolokotronis (p. 15)

Edifying Debate: Overcoming Fear: Negotiating a Position on the DSC’s BDS Resolution, Dadland Maye (p. 22)

Featured Articles:

- The Adjunct Wage Gap and the War for the Soul of a Union: Job Security Is Good but It’s Time the PSC Took Real Action on Adjunct Parity, James Hoff (p. 25)

- Colonizing City College: Remembering the Morales/Shakur Center One Year Later, Russell Weiss-Irwin (p. 28)

- The Means Justify the Ends: An Argument for a Process-Centric Decision Paradigm, Maryam Ghaffari Saadat (p. 30)

- On Luck: The Link Between Agency and Culpability, Eric E. Bayruns (p. 32)

- The Planet Family Oddball: The Debate over Pluto’s Planetary Status, Greg Olmschenk (p. 34)

- The Virtues of Dictatorship: Ancient Magistracy and Modern Perspective, Mark Wilson (p. 38)

Theater Review: A Beer, A Beer, My Kingdom for a Beer, Bess Rowen (p. 41)

From The Archives: Five Years Ago: Old Bed Bugs and Budget Cuts (p. 44)

Ask Harriet: Making It Last Is Like Cultivating Basil, Harriet Zanzibar (p. 46)

From the Doctoral Students’ Council: Your Email Address Is Changing (p. 47)

The Back Page:

- Mind Games, Maryam Ghaffari Saadat

- Ph.D. Comics, Jorge Cham



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