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Editorial: Trustees to the Community: Guns before Butter. Andrew Long (p. 1)

Art History Students Serve Notice to CUNY Administration. Andrew Long (p. 1)

CUNY Moves to Centralize Security; Committee Recommends Peace Officer Status. Ian McGowan (p. 1)

The Human Cost: Guards React to CUNY’s New Security Policy. Ian McGowan (p. 2)

Editorial: City Council Ponders CUNY/SUNY (p. 2)

CUNY Hires Anti-Terrorist Specialist as New Directory of University Security. Ian McGowan (p. 2)

SUNY Graduate Students Gain Union. Eric F. Coppolino (p. 3)

Graduate Workers of the World Unite (p. 3)

Notes from Your Student Government (p. 11)

Masthead (p. 4)

Letters & Commentary

P.C. Advocates at SC18. Thomas Smith (p. 4)

Kiss Mine Any Time. George McClintock III (p. 4)

F.L.I. Not Biased. Solomon Goldstein (p. 4)

Old Ways Return to Haiti After the Coup. Steeve Coupeau (p. 5)

A New Angle in Angola. Helio Belik (p. 6)

The Rise of Xenophobia in Germany. Angela Bargenda (p. 7)

Arts & Events

Must See Movies. Gavin Macaulay (p. 8)

In Review: Transcendence Songs from the Black Rock Coalition, Sam Phillips, and Others. Steve Holtje (p. 9)

The Burgess 10. Thomas Burgess (p. 9)

The Matter of Thomas and Hill: Sex, Politics, and Ethics in American Life. Ron Winley (p. 10)

Confessions of a First-time Senate Hearings Listener. Tara McGann (p. 10)

Announcements / Advertisements

Wanted! 1991-1992 Editor for The Graduate Student Advocate (p. 2)

Forgiveness Fortnight at the Mina Rees Library (p. 3)

Attention All Writers! The Advocate (p. 4)

Advertise in The Advocate (p. 4)

Women’s Studies Events (p. 10)

Be Heard! Participate in the Governance of CUNY (p. 11)

Student Reps Needed for Ad Hoc Grad Council Committee (p. 11)

Did You Receive a Letter… D.S.C. and S.E.R. (p. 11)

Committee on Persons with Disabilities (p. 12)

Upcoming Fellowship Application Workshops (p. 12)

Special Services Funding (p. 12)

Classifieds (p. 12)

Personals (p. 12)


“Jeffries” Protest Outside CUNY Central (p. 12)

Image of the Month: Military Instruction (p. 12)



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