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Summer 1992







Editorial: Gate(s)keeping from South Central to CUNY Central (p. 1)

$3.17 Million in Graduate School Cuts to Financial Aid and Faculty Hiring. Pam Donovan (p. 1)

Tuition Raised $600 for New Students; CUNY Declares Financial Emergency. Ken Stein (p. 1)

Contents (p. 1)


DSC Co-Chair Stipends Cut by 44%. Andrew Long (p. 2)

Discrimination and Harassment are Problems at the Graduate Center: A DSC Advocacy Pamphlet (p. 2)

Knots in the Board. Andrew Long (p. 5)

Unfair Labor Practices in the Dining Commons. Andrew Long (p. 5)

Local News

Was this the Prototype for Weed and Seed? Ian McGowan (p. 3)

Commentary: How Little Bureaucrats Grow Into Big Ones. Tara McGann (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 4)

Letters & Commentary

Guerre on the Warpath. Brian Guerre (p. 4)

Offensive Dining Commons Art. Alicia Carroll, Carol Siri Johnson (p. 4)

Kids and Their Allowance. Hanna Hechinger (p. 4)

Editor’s Note (p. 4)

Mayday Impression. Tom Burgess (p.8)

Poem: Untitled. Danny Kessler (p. 9)

LA Stories

Migration Song: Koreans in the Hood. Kye-Young Park (p. 6)

On Los Angeles. Page Dougherty Delano (p. 7)

City of Cinders. Michael Pelias (p. 7)

Arts & Events

Brave New Worlds: Eastern European Bands Emerge from State Imposed Obscurity. Steve Holtje (p. 10)

Summer ’92: 8 Days a Week. Thomas Burgess (p. 10)

Graduate Center News

Loose Cannon: Cahn on the Loose. Tom Burgess (p. 11)

Graduate School to Organize Student Money Committee. Joanna Sharf (p. 11)

Activity Fee Increase Voted In. Joanna Sharf (p. 11)

DSC Announcements

Doctoral Student’ Council 1992-1993 Budget (p. 12)

CUNY Graduate Center Doctoral Students’ Council. Officers and Representatives for 1992-1993 (p. 12)

DSC Tuition Scholarships (p. 12)

Announcements / Advertisements

SER Needs Department Reps (p. 3)

Women’s Health Action Mobilization (WHAM) (p. 3)

Attention All Writers! The Advocate (p. 4)

Advertise in The Advocate (p. 4)

Fellowship Application Workshops (p. 8)

Fulbright Grant Applications (p. 8)

Sally May (K)Not: The Committee for Instituting Student Loan Release (p. 8)

Services for Persons with Disabilities (p. 11)

Volunteers Sought. Office of the Dean for Student Affairs (p. 11)



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