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Cuts for Students, Raises for Administrators! Granville Ganter (p. 1)

Historic Marginalization & The Marginalization of a History. Diana Agosta (p. 1)

Ideological Hegemony: Inside a “Living Museum.” Michael Scott Weinstein (p. 1)

The Real Deal at Financial Aid: Interview with Janet Finello (p. 2)

Sex and Space: Another Look at the Urban Red Light District. Timothy J. Gilfoyle (p. 4)

Tomfoolery: “Neo-liberal and “Politically Correct”? Tom Smith (p. 5)

International Students and Financial Crisis. Manjula Giri (p. 5)

The Return of Martin Brian Guerre. Tom Smith (p. 6)

In Nineteen Hundred & Ninety-two. Text, Thomas Burgess; Photography, Daniel Karp (p. 8)

Reynolds Loses Fight to Italian-American Institute. Erik Metzgar (p. 13)

500 Years Ago This Day According to the Diary of Chris Columbus (p. 14)

Still Resisting after 500 Years. Rosamel Millaman (p. 15)

Around & About The Center

Ordered any Good Books Lately? Interview with Chief Librarian Susan Newman about the Impact of CUNY Budget Cuts on Mina Rees Library. T. Burgess (p. 3)

Things to Do Around Here. Food, Drinks, Fun, and Other Necessities for CUNY Graduate Students: Lucinda Baez (p. 3)

Letters for the Record

To the Editor. Robert Hollander (p. 6)

Dear Editors. Mark Goldblatt (p. 6)

Dear President Horowitz. Jonathan Lang, Granville Ganter, Margaret Groarke, Gordon Crandall, Jarrod Hayes (p. 6)

Masthead (p. 7)

Editorial Context

Raises for Razes (p. 7)

Reynold’s Day in Court (p. 7)

Where Will You Study in January? (p. 7)

Editor’s Note (p. 7)


CUNY TV. Diana Agosta (p. 10)

Rock the Boat: Deep Dish TV Fall Season (p. 10)

Poetic License. Hugo Dalbis (p. 10)

Cartoon: Overheard at Proshansky Auditorium (p. 10)

Where It’s @! (p. 11)

Announcements / Advertisements

Manga (p. 2)

Dining Commons (p. 3)

History Student’s Club (p. 5)

18th Floor Bar (p. 6)

The Advocate (p. 7)

Advertise in The Advocate (p. 7)

Speed Read (p. 10)

Promote Spring Break (p. 13)

The “666 System” is Here (p. 14)

Library Hours (p. 14)

Position Available: Adult Nurse Practitioner (p. 16)

DSC Presents a Full-service Photocopy Machine (p. 16)

Small Press 1992 Book Fair (p. 16)

Book Publication Party - “Encyclopedia of Childbearing: Critical Perspectives” (p. 16)

The National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped (p. 16)

DSC Party (p. 16)

Monthly Review Essay Contest (p. 16)



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