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Committee Calls to Lacerate CUNY: Report Suggests Departmental Closings at All Campuses. Pam Donovan (p. 1)

Low Cost Copying Blocked; DSC Contract Inappropriate. Christina Pretto (p. 1)

Who Deserves the First Amendment? Right Wing Scholar Published; One Socialist Denied Space. Andrew Long (p. 1)

FEBRUARY in the News

Prof attacked in Post. Christina Pretto (p. 2)

Circulation Chief Dies. Tom Burgess (p. 2)

Tomfoolery: She Ain’t Into Education, Guys. Tom Smith (p. 2)

Events this Month (p. 2)

Masthead (p. 3)

Action in Public

Student Representatives Lambast Board of Trustees. Jonathan Lang (p. 3)

Student Representatives Lambast Board of Trustees. Andrew Long (p. 3)

Arts and Entertainment

Where it’s @! Tom Burgess (p. 4)

Book Review: Underdevelopmental Discourse. Review of Tropical Gangsters by Robert E. Klitgaard. Tom Burgess (p. 4)


February CUNY TV Highlights. Diana Agosta (p. 5)

Oscar Michaux: Filmmaker, Writer, and Farmer. Diana Agosta (p. 5)

CUNY Schedule for Black History Month (p. 5)


Spring Forward (p. 6)

Letters to the Editor

Right History? Carl Skutsch (p. 6)

Who’s Life is it, Anyway? Elizabeth Powers (p. 9)

On the WAR Report: The CUNY Student Union (p. 7)

CUNY Women Draft New Sexual Harassment Policy. Joanna Scharf (p. 7)

Open the Debate for All, Acuna says, An Old Friend of Ann Reynolds’: NOT. Vincent J. Tirelli (p. 7)

Students Develop New Gay and Lesbian Course. Joan Parkin and Julia Ripkin (p. 10)

WAR Report has Been Long in the Making. G. Ganter (p. 11)

Announcements / Advertisements

Get Involved in The Graduate Student Advocate (p. 3)

Write for the Advocate (p. 8)

Speed Read (p. 9)

Toward the Founding of a New York City Progressive Coalition. Reprint Available. Brian Guerre (p. 10)

Advocate Submission Policy (p. 10)

Mangia (p. 11)

Graduate Center Forum: Reynolds’ Plan for CUNY: Better Quality Education? Or Obstruction of Students’ Progress? (p. 12)

International House (p. 12)



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