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Graduate Council Rejects WAR Report: DSC Resolution is Adopted with One Friendly Amendment. Christina Pretto (p. 1)

Horowitz Bypasses Student Government on Provost Search Committee Selection. Christina Pretto (p. 1)

Students Protest Report in Front of Board: Only 30 of 100 Students Let Inside 535 East 80 Street. Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 1)

Action in Public. Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 12)

Masthead (p. 2)

MARCH in the News

Resign, Reynolds, Insists a Faculty Group. Tom Burgess (p. 2)

Hunter Senate Rejects WAR Report. Christina Pretto (p. 2)

Cultural Determinism: Trained Pigeons Need Only Apply. Tom Smith (p. 2)

Cartoon: Tomfoolery. Tom Smith (p. 2)

Events this Month (p. 2)

Action on Campus

Free Market? No Free Speech for Socialists on the GSUC Mall. Andrew Long (p. 3)

DSC Notes: Where’s Our Nurse? And Other DSC Info. G. Ganter (p. 3)

Arts and Entertainment

I Ain’t Marching Anymore: Pubcrawling on St. Patrick’s Day. Tom Burgess (p. 4)

Where it’s @! Tom Burgess (p. 4)

Film: When Do You Believe a Man Unforgiven? Elizabeth Powers (p. 4)


CUNY TV Highlights. Diana Agosta (p. 5)

CUNY TV Schedule (p. 5)

Keep Rocking That Boat! (p. 5)

Staff Editorials/Letters

Our Outside Enemies are Numerous Enough; We Can’t Risk an Internally-driven Purge (p. 6)

On Why the Right Wages a Culture War and Why the Left is MIA… (p. 6)

On Disparities of Power and Resources: Some Goals are More Equal Than Others… (p. 6)

Letters to the Editor

Debate Freely; Personally Attack Not. Frances Degen Horowitz (p. 6)

A Switch to Sciences will Empower Disadvantaged Groups. Kirk Wood Bromley (p. 6)


On Student Disempowerment: Student Union is the Best Answer. G. Ganter (p. 7)

Does History Contradict Itself? Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 7)

Invalid Assumptions: CUNY Needs a Vision, Not Cuts in Humanities. Charles Price-Reavis (p. 10)

On Campus

Public Hearings to be Held on CUNY-TV. Diana Agosta (p. 8)

Graphic: Studying Means Change; Be Weird (p. 8)

National Campus News

Pentagon Thrives while Universities Face Drastic Cuts: U.S. Spends Paltry Sums on Education at Every Level of Government. Ken Cunningham (p. 9)

Announcements / Advertisements

Advocate Staff Meeting (p. 3)

Want to Contribute to Deep Dish? CUNY TV (p. 5)

Are You Opinionated? Get Involved in The Graduate Student Advocate! (p. 5)

The Graduate Student Advocate (p. 7)

A.E.L.L.A. (Latino and Latinoamerican Students of the Graduate Center) (p. 8)

Toward the Founding of a New York City Progressive Coalition. Reprint Available. Brian Guerre (p. 9)

Friends of Julia Butterfield (p. 10)

Advocate Submissions Policy (p. 10)



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