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Organized Student Support for Yomi Falters. Michael Weinstein-Mohammed and Christina Pretto (p. 1)

History Program Hires Caribbeanist Palmer. Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 1)

Computer Center Attempts Comeback. Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 1)

Masthead (p. 2)

December in the News

Reynolds Not Nice, But Efficient, Says Chronicle. Pam Donovan (p. 2)

Power Plays: Liberal Redux, Or, Just Say Yes. Elizabeth Powers (p. 2)

Ceremony Held for African Burial Ground. Diana Agosta (p. 2)

CSI’s President Volpe Reinstated. Pam Donovan (p. 2)

Blank Named Hunter’s President. Christina Pretto (p. 2)

Action on Campus

Labor History, Latin America: The Advocate’s Must-Take Course of the Spring Semester (p. 3)

Letter to the Editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 3)

Arts and Entertainment

From Kentucky, a Club Secret About to Be Told: Singer Joan Osborne to Sign Record Contract, and, Maybe, More Than Regional Renown. Geoff Davis (p. 4)


Down and Out in the Redneck Riviera. Movie Review: Ruby in Paradise. Elizabeth Powers (p. 5)

Convicted Drug Dealer Scores Big Legal Break. Movie Review: Carlito’s Way. Pam Donovan (p. 5)

Short Cuts. Movie Review: The Three Musketeers. Pam Donovan (p. 5)


Yomi: An Independent Investigation, Yes, But Take Your Exam Like Everybody Else (p. 6)

Students: Your Free Press Depends on You (p. 6)

Reformer? Autocrat? Chronicle Ponders Reynolds. Pam Donovan (p. 7)

Letters to the Editor

Student Gives History of Dispute with Economics Prof. Michael Yomi (p. 6)

To the Editor. Robert L. Jones (p. 10)

Advocate Recommendations

How to Avoid Commodity Fetishism During the December Holiday Season. Christina Pretto (p. 8)

And How to Minimize It If You Can’t. Christina Pretto (p. 8)

Be Among the 23 Most Influential Students at the Graduate Center (p. 8)

Action in Public

Essay: Faces, Slogans of Graduate Center Activism. Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 10)

Where it’s @! Thomas Burgess (p. 11)

Announcements / Advertisements

Part Time Position Available. Office Assistant. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 3)

DSC Holiday Party (p. 3)

Advocate Submissions Policy (p. 6)

CUNY Schools That Have Voted No Confidence in Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds (p. 7)

Sociology Student Robert Saute Says, Write for the Advocate! (p. 9)

Bored? Depressed? Disgusted? Write for The Advocate (p. 11)

Happy Holidays from The Advocate (p. 12)



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