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Your Check is In the Mail: Students and the Research Foundation. Staff (p. 1)

DSC Allocates Student Funds Contrary to Court Findings. Michael Weinstein (p. 1)

Access Denied: Full-Time Need, Part-Time Schedule. Susanna Miller and Staff (p. 1)

LIU Strike: Adjuncts and Full-timers Go Out Together. Tom Smith (p. 1)

¡Qué Viva la Música! Untimely Death of a Sociology Professor. Courtney E. Guthreau (p. 1)

New Latin American and Caribbean Studies Concentration: A Cause for Celebration and Concern. Tracy Steffy (p. 1)

Graduate Students, AIDS and the Silence at CUNY: Part One. Tracy Morgan (p. 1)

Editorial: Closing the Door on Academic Progress. Robert Hollander (p. 2)

CUNY Adjuncts Support Striking Legal Aid Workers. Anthony Marcus (p. 7)

Interview: The International Socialist Organization. Tracy Morgan (p. 9)

Masthead (p. 2)


No Price Tag on Good Health. Tara McGann, Anthony Marcus, Andrew Long (p. 2)

The International Socialist Organization Interview: What is the ISO Afraid of? Tom Smith (p. 3)

Opinions (p. 3)

For a Fightback, Not a Task Force. Anthony Marcus

On the Notion of a Representative Government. Robert Hollander

DSC News and Notes

The September Meeting (p. 10)

The October Meeting (p. 10)

Memoranda (p. 11)

Correction (p. 11)


What is a Metrocard and How Do I Get It? Staff (p. 12)

Moreland Sets Up Work Study Task Force. Staff (p. 12)

Adjunct Pay Delays May Be Illegal. Eric Marshall (p. 12)

Dining Commons Takes the Grad Center for a Cool $2,400. Robert Hollander (p. 12)

Cheaper Copies at 42nd Street Library. David Kirschenbaum (p. 13)

Peoples’ Culture

Urban Guide to Biking. Alex Vitale (p. 14)

Manhattan Restaurants: An Opinionated Survey. Julia Miele Rodas (p. 15)


Found Object No. 4 (p. 13)



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