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Henderson Suspensions at BMCC Lifted: Victory for Student Government. Tom Smith (p. 1)

New Directions for Computing at GSUC. David Kirschenbaum (p. 1)

Student Rally at City Hall Draws Crowd. Michael Spear, Photographs by Craig Scull (p. 1)

Editorial: The Message from BMCC. Robert Hollander (p. 2)

Masthead (p. 2)


One Fag to Another: A Response to Hollander’s “The Personal and the Political: Silence and Shrill Cries.” Wayne Marat Vansertima, The Berdache (p. 2)

Living in Harmony? (Response to Robert Hollander) (p. 2)

An Open Letter: From CUNY: The Organization for Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Concerns (p. 4)

Opinion (p. 3)

Bibliographically Challenged: Everything’s in Short Supply at the Mina Rees Library—Books, Periodicals, Hours… and Community Interest.

DSC News & Notes

DSC Update (p. 6)

Nurse Practitioner Survey (p. 6)

We Need You! [Adjunct Organizing Project and Survey] (p. 7)

Peoples’ Culture

Food: Survival! Julia Miele Rodas (p. 9)

Art: Garbage! An Exhibit in Photographs and Text at the New York Public Library (through February 25, 1995) (p. 10)

Dance: Conference [The Colloquium Committee of the Department of Comparative Literature] (p. 11)

Announcements / Advertisements

Exchange Program – The City University of New York / The Universities of Paris (p. 5)

Student Health Services (p. 5)

Upcoming Conference: Perspectives on Movement: Interpretation of Dance through Writing (p. 11)

Doctoral Students’ Council. Personnel and Services (p. 12)

Holiday Party Sponsored by the DSC (p. 12)

Forum: The CIA War in Bosnia. The Coalition Against Western Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia and The GSUC Marxist Working Group (p. 12)

HIV Positive / People With AIDS. The Advocate (p. 12)

Wanted: Editor of The Advocate (p. 12)



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