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Editorial: Peace, Safety, Protection, and Doublespeak: Big Brother Comes to the Graduate Center (p. 2)

Letters (p. 3)

No Exit: A Play in the Park. Elizabeth Pallitto, Comp. Lit.

Opinion Forum: Replies to Steve O’Brien (p. 3)

Domestic Partnership: What’s Really at Issue. Anonymous.

Naturalized Sex. Robert Hollander, Linguistics.


Placement Office Slated for Closure; Who will Handle Job Applications? Joanna Sharf (p. 4)

This City is Ours. Diana Agosta (p. 6)

GSUC Hires New Computer Director. R. Hollander (p. 13)

University Faculty Senate Holds Hearing on Research Foundation. R. Hollander (p. 13)

Doctoral Students Council Report: The April Plenary of the DSC (p. 14)

Books in Review

The Dismantling of CUNY and the Pillaging of New York City by the Rich. A Review of Robert Fitch’s The Assassination of New York (Verso, 1993). Barry Lituchy (p. 10)

Review of Hegemony and Power: On the Relation Between Gramsci and Machiavelli by Benedetto Fontana. Tom Smith (p. 11)

Masthead (p. 16)

Announcements / Advertisements

Needed: Editor for The Advocate (p. 5)

The Feminist Directory (p. 7)

The Computer Center’s Workshop Schedule for June (p. 13)

The Museum of Modern Art (p. 14)

Student Health Services (p. 16)

The Graduate Student Advocate Welcomes Submissions (p. 16)

SPECIAL SECTION - Coalition Press: CUNY in Crisis

Photo: At the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Courtesy of Ersilla Ferron (front cover)

Contents (back cover)

43 Hunger Striking Students Arrested by Campus Security Force. RH on the Scene (p. 2)

18 Thousand Students Protest at City Hall; 70 Students Arrested. RH on the Scene (p. 2)

Public Outrage (p. 3)

Letter to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Thomas K. Duane, Council Member, 3rd District, Manhattan.

Letter to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Canon Lloyd Casson, Priest-in-Charge, St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery.

Resolution. Congregation of St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery.

What the Press Won’t Print

CUNY Coalition Calls on Mayor and the Police Commissioner to Commit to Non-Violence. Press Release Prior to March 23rd’s Rally at City Hall (p. 4)

Letter to Police Commissioner Bratton. The CUNY Coalition (p. 4)

Statement to the Press, March 28, 1995. Yvonne Lasalle, CUNY Coalition Against the Budget Cuts and Media Committee (p. 5)

Where We Stand

Our Untrustworthy CUNY Board of Trustees: At the Source of CUNY’s Troubles. Andrew Long (p. 6)

The Historical Mission of CUNY. Michael Roberts (p. 6)

The Virtue of Remedial Programs at CUNY. Rob Hollander (p. 6)

CUNY Coalition Against the Budget Cuts: Demands (p. 7)

Who We Are and Why We Are Important to New York. Christopher J. Malone (p. 7)

Noam Chomsky: An Interview. Bryan Lesseraux (p. 8)

Coalition Press Masthead (p. 12)

Letters from Prison (p. 12)

New Afrikan Solidarity. Name Withheld.

Revolutionary Solidarity. N.A.P.

Letter to Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds. CUNY Coalition of Concerned Faculty and Staff on Behalf of All Campuses.



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