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Editorials (p. 2)

Fight Back! Andrew Long.

Free Level 3 Deferral Revised. Andrew Long.

If Mumia Fries, Wall Street Burns. Robert Wallace.

In Memory [of Helio Belik].

Masthead (p. 2)

Letters (p. 2)

To the Editor. Rick Loftus.

Feed Media

Voice-Less? Robert Hollander (p. 2)

No Paper Town. Robert Wallace (p. 16)

Niosh Bosh. R.W. (p. 16)

Humor in the Permanent Recession. R.W. (p. 16)


Pay More or Else! Andrew Long (p. 3)

Movin’ on Up? Grad Center to Move to B. Altman’s. Move will Provide More Space, But Won’t Bring the GSUC Together. Rob Hollander (p. 4)

Behind the Scenes: How Did the GSUC Get into the Altman’s Building? R.H. (p. 4)

Retrenchment. Lee Wengraf (p. 5)

“A Glorified High School.” L.W. (p. 6)

The [Retrenchment] Plan (p. 6)

Free Mumia! CUNY Coalition Joins the Fight to Save Abu-Jamal. Rob Hollander (p. 7)

For Sale? Link Between CUNY Trustee Murphy’s Employer and Private Tuition Deferral Company Suggests Conflict of Interest. Andrew Long (p. 8)

Computer Center Moving. Lee Wengraf (p. 10)

Annals of Administration: 101 Ways Students Get Screwed. Rob Hollander (p. 10)

Peace Farce: Grad Center Loses Dollars, Gains a “Peace” Officer; Students Protest CUNYTELPRO. Tom Smith with Advocate Staff (p. 11)

Adjuncts on the Dole: CUNY Part-Timers Deal with Unemployment. Lee Wengraf (p. 12)

Only the News That’s Fit to Print. Robert Wallace (p. 13)

The Old Boys Club: You Are Invited to an Evening at the Graduate Council. (No Students Please.) Rob Hollander (p. 14)

Zalk in for Moreland. Andrew Long (p. 15)


Attrition Watch. The Advocate (p. 3)

Desperately Seeking Commitment. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 4)

Need a Lawyer? Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 4)

Free or Low Cost Medical Exams and Laboratory Tests! Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 7)

Student Health Services (p. 7)

Advertise in The Advocate! (p. 12)

Museum of Modern Art (p. 12)

Conference: Lesbian and Gay History, Defining a Field. PhD. Program in History (p. 13)

Free Photocopying. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 13)

Going Broke Photocopying at the New York Public Library? Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 15)

Announcement 572. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (p. 16)



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