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Punitive Damages. Lee Wengraf (p. 2)

Farewell to a Radical [William Kunstler]. Ken Cunningham (p. 2)

Mistakes were Made (p. 2)

Masthead (p. 2)


Friendly Ammendments [sic]. Robert J. Wilson (p. 2)

Bulletin Board (p. 2)


Operation Weasel. In the Face of Unprecedented Budget Cuts, CUNY Central Founds a New Security Force. SAFE Team Surveils Students, Bonds with NYPD. Lee Wengraf (p. 3)

Jerked Around. Robert Wallace (p. 3)

Annals of Administration: Why Floyd Fled. Robert Hollander (p. 4)

Which Side Are You On? An Affirmative Action Debate. Terrence Blackman and Francisco O. Villalobos (p. 5)

CUNY Clipboard

Rothbard Accepts NYNEX Perks. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 6)

FICA Refund. Ginetta Candelario (p. 6)

Taking the Budget to Court. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 6)

Fenced Out. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 6)

Survey Says! The Advocate (p. 6)

True Stories: The Human Face of Retrenchment. Karen Sortiropoulous’s Tale (p. 7)

Michael Broder’s Tale (p. 7)

Killing In the Name of Justice: Why CUNY Students Should Care about the Death Penalty. Joan Parkin (p. 8)

Doctoral Students’ Council. Personnel and Services (p. 11)

DSC Notes. Terrence R. Blackman (p. 11)

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani at a 1994 New York Post Forum on Crime. Robert Wallace (p. 12)

Coalition and Its Discontents: A Sociology Student Asesses [sic] the Cuts Fight. Alex Vitale (p. 12)

Fulbright Cutbacks: Students Battle for Funding. Charles Price-Reavis (p. 14)

Does Compute. Joan Parkin (p. 16)

Feed Media. Robert Wallace (p. 16)

Goin’ Mobile: Capital Flight, Deindustrialization and the End of Work as We Know It. Review of The Jobless Future: Sci-Tech and the Dogma of Work by Stanley Aronowitz and William DiFazio (University of Minnesota, 1994). Ken Cunningham (p. 16)


Student Health Services (p. 4)

Dining Commons (p. 4)

Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 10)

Labor Walks to the Boxtree. Local 100, Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees and Boxtree Strikers (p. 11)

Annette Messager. Retrospective (p. 11)

Academic Business Services (p. 12)

Advertise in The Advocate (p. 12)

O.J. Survey. The Advocate (p. 12)

In Search of Writers. The Advocate (p. 12)

Attrition Watch (p. 16)



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