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La Meme Chose. Lee Wengraf (p. 2)

An Appeal to the GSUC Community. Terrence Blackman (p. 2)

Mistakes were Made (p. 2)

[Service Employees International Union Strike.] Robert Wallace and Lee Wengraf (p. 2)

Strike! The Advocate (p. 2)


Ad Hominem Hooey. Andrew Long (p. 2)

Nomadic Economy. Jacques Saleh, Philosophy (p. 2)

Rob Wallace Responds [to Jacques Saleh] (p. 3)

Bulletin Board (Classifieds and Announcements)

Inter-Campus Programs (p. 2)

Campaign to End the Death Penalty (p. 2)

National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (p. 2)

Leftward Ho! (p. 2)

Masthead (p. 2)


Pataki’s Lump of Coal: Governor Grinch’s Budget Steals CUNY Student Dreams of Diplomas. Lee Wengraf (p. 3)

Annals of Administration: The Glacier Moves. Robert Hollander (p. 4)

Fire dat Hayduk!: GSUC Student and VAC Coordinator Fired by Mayor Giuliani for Doing His Job. Pam Donovan (p. 4)

Give Me Your Poor…Your Huddled Masses…Yearning For... Terrence Blackman (p. 5)

Ken Saro-Wiwa (1941-1995). Lee Wengraf (p. 5)

Raimon, Modern Troubadour. Lauren Shaw (p. 6)

125th Street’s Tragedy: Giuliani Shops While Harlem Mourns. Joan Parkin, Johanna Fernandez (p. 6)

Inside George’s Brain (p. 6)

Is There a New Fascism? Can It Be American? Charles Price-Reavis (p. 7)

The Twilight Zone: Broome County, NY – Its Governments, Its Media, Its Universities—Enters Late Capitalism’s House of Mirrors. Robert Wallace (p. 9)

Not So Fast! R.W. (p. 9)

Jesus Super Red: Was Jesus a Radical? Duncan Hallas (p. 12)

Kwanzaa: An African American Cultural Celebration of Life. Terrence Blackman (p. 12)

A Lesson in Lights: The Meaning of Chanukah. Susanne Strudler (p. 13)

Zapatista! The Fire Next Door. Courtney E. Guthreau (p. 14)

Sermonizing within the Aftershocks: On the Black American Oral Tradition. Review of The Sermon and the African American Literary Imagination by Dolan Hubbard (Univ. of Missouri Press, 1994). James King (p. 16)

CUNY Clipboard

The Firebrand? Robert Hollander (p. 10)

BMCC Faculty Reject Restructuring. Andrea Zimmerman & Robert Wallace (p. 10)

York College Strip Mall. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 10)

Stande and Deliver. Robert Hollander (p. 11)

Prodding Queens’s Pander Bear: Open Letter to Queens College President Allen Lee Sessoms (p. 11)

DSC Notes

New Chair, Motion Tabled. Terrence Blackman (p. 10)

Level Structure Changes. Alex Vitale (p. 10)

Red Letter Day. Robert Hollander (p. 11)

Feed Media

Launched! Terrence Blackman (p. 15)

No Nouveaux Fascisms. Lee Wengraf (p. 15)

Announcements / Advertisements

In Search of Writers. The Advocate (p. 3)

Free Photocopying Discontinued. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 10)

Call for Contributors: The Starving Graduate Students’ Guide to New York (p. 11)

Advertise in the Graduate Student Advocate (p. 13)

Position Available: Assistant Editor for Production. The Advocate (p. 13)

Student Health Services (p. 14)

Volunteers Needed for Tension Headache Research. Analgesic Development (p. 14)

Zimmy’s Wordsmithing (p. 14)

The Rx Place Drug Mart (p. 14)

Students, Faculty, Staff: Coalition Meeting Against the Cuts (p. 16)



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