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Editorials (p. 2)

Swinging in the Breeze. Lee Wengraf.

Mistakes Were Made.

Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM). Alex Vitale.

Masthead (p. 2)


Honorable Mention. The Editors (p. 2)

Nurse’s Aid. Melanie Bush, Tammy McJanet, Raymond Codrington, et al. (p. 2)

Funeral Parlor. Andrew Long (p. 2)

Mendicant Mentality. Jacques Saleh (p. 3)

Rob Wallace Responds [to Jacques Saleh] (p. 3)

Crypto-Capitalists. Thane Doss (p. 3)

Lovelle Clark Responds [to Thane Doss] (p. 3)

No Joke. Rob Hollander (p. 4)

Rob Wallace Responds [to Rob Hollander] (p. 4)

Annals of Administration (p. 4)

Swing-On-A-String Space. Robert Hollander.

Graduate Council. Robert Hollander.

Been 'Round So Long, They Can’t Drag Me ‘Way. Robert Hollander.


Frances’ House of Horrors: Bone-Breaking Cuts in Store for the GSUC. Lee Wengraf (p. 3)

The First Person was African. Therefore Any Black History Must be World History. Black History Month, An Essay. Terrence Blackman (p. 5)

Untitled Poem. Martin Carter (p. 5)

Revolutionizing the Body: French Writer Monique Wittig Honored by CLAGS. Deirdre Mahoney (p. 6)

Searching for a Mentor: Academia’s Perils and Pitfalls. Terrence Blackman (p. 6)

CUNY Remediation Services in Jeopardy. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 7)

Launching a PSC Union Drive at the GSUC. Eric Marshall (p. 8)

[Professional Staff Congress Labor Contract expires]. E.M. (p. 8)

Millions in France March Against Cuts. Maureen Owens (p. 9)

Columbia University: Starving for Diversity. Lee Wengraf (p. 9)

Calling All Radio Stations: Freedom of the Press… for Those Who Can Buy It. Noah Arceneaux (p. 12)

The End of Justice: D’Souza Racist Tract Propounds “Rational Discrimination.” Review of The End of Racism: Principles for a Multiracial Society by Dinesh D’Souza. Lovelle Clark (p. 12)

Strike Update: Going On, Keeping Strong: The 32B-32J Settlement. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 13)

The Unholy Trinity: Government, Big Business, and the "New" Populism – Part 1. Charles Price-Reavis (p. 14)

Counterculture: A Display of the Alternative Media from the 1960s to the Present. Alan Moore (p. 15)

Letting a Thousand Flowers Bloom, Wither, and Die: Legacies of the Left and Rightward Drift. Review of The Twilight of Common Dreams: Why America is Wracked by Culture Wars by Todd Gitlin. Pamela Donovan (p. 16)

CUNY Clipboard

CCNY I: Ethnic Studies Departments Closed. Keeanga Taylor (p. 10)

CCNY II: The Collaborator. Robert Wallace (p. 10)

CCNY III: Dissident Dumped. Robert Hollander (p. 11)

Food for Thought: What’s Up with the Dining Commons. Alex Vitale (p. 10)

Pataki The Joke Man. Robert Wallace (p. 11)

DSC. Terrence Blackman (p. 11)

Feed Media (p. 13)

Scripps Winner: A CUNY Plus. Lee Wengraf.

Secondary Textures. Anonymous.


Bulletin Board: The Campaign to End the Death Penalty (p. 4)

Dining Commons (p. 11)

Defend CUNY! Defend Public Education! Co-Sponsored by SLAM!, the New Caucus, PSC & USS (p. 16)



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