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Editorial: Welcome to Disorientation (p. 1)

Closed Admissions. Tougher Admissions Standards at Queens College: Freshmen Enrollment Drop 17%. Mohamad Bazzi (p. 2)

Pataki Overshoots His Budget: Pataki’s Budget Failure Spells Relief for CUNY. Joan Parkin (p. 3)

Ara Wilson Reports on New Spaces and New Faces at The Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies (p. 4)

CLAGS Fall 1996 Calendar (p. 4)

Clinton’s Two Faces: Black Politics and Race. Keeanga Taylor, City College Student and member of the International Socialist Organization (p. 5)

Stone Wall Revisited: The Personal [Legend] of a 1960’s Drag Queen. Review of “Stonewall.” Ron Winley (p. 10)

Five Alarm Fire at Future Home of CUNY Grad Center. Joan Parkin (p. 11)

Masthead (p. 2)

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Chiapas-Mexico. Christine Kovic, Anthropology (p. 6)

Cuba. Anthony Marcus, Anthropology (p. 6)

"La Nacion en Marcha": A Story of Puerto Rican Affirmation. Edgardo Diaz Diaz, Music (p. 7)

Program for Analysis of Religion Among Latinos. Segundo Pantoja (p. 7)

In the News (p. 8)

“Tough Love” Equals Tough Luck: [Frances] Fox Piven Rejects Welfare Causes Illegitimacy Argument. Frances Fox Piven.

Brooklyn’s Health Crisis is the Worst in the Nation. CUNY BA Student Examines Medically Uninsured and Impact of Privatization. Mohamad Bazzi.

CUNY Clips (p. 9)

Ethnic Studies gets Supreme Court Hearing. Joan Parkin.

Queens College, Jewish Studies Prof. Mohamad Bazzi.

DSC Notes

Announcements / Advertisements

Blackout Books (p. 9)

The Advocate 1995-96 Advertising Rates (p. 10)

Want to Get Plugged In? Information Resources Orientation (p. 12)

Paid Positions at The Advocate (p. 12)



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