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Two Public Officials Support CUNY/SUNY Systems; Oppose Governor Pataki’s proposed 1997-1998 Executive Budget. Staff (p. 1)

Conference Speakers Denounce Budget Cuts. Staff (p. 1)

Higher Education Cuts Threaten State’s Economic Vitality. Charles J. Hynes (p. 1)

Socialist Scholars Discuss Adjuncts, Importance of Student Activism. Mark Petras (p. 3)

Local / Global: A Symposium on the New Times Square. Alan Moore (p. 4)

Annals of Administration: CUNY Board of Trustees Appropriations and Salaries: At What Cost? Andrea Zimmerman (p. 5)

Special Report. The Pawn Broker: Citibank Never Sleeps When Gouging Students with CUNYCard; CUNY Administrators Defend Racist, Anti-Student Bank and Privacy Violations. Robert Wallace (p. 8)

Editorial Page

Losing Sight of Education’s Purpose. Mark Petras (p. 2)

The Advocate Seeks to Organize CUNY Student Newspaper Press Corps at the GSUC. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 2)

CUNY Students on Public Assistance Should Do Workfare, Reports a Newspaper Poll. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 2)

Masthead (p. 2)


DSC Notes: Budget Cuts; Student Center; Adjunct Organizing; CUNY Card; Health Care; Library Services (p. 5)

CUNY Hispanic Students Debate Welfare Reform and Rent Control in Model Senate in Albany. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 6)

Third Regional Plan Colloquium Held at the GSUC (p. 6)

Recent GSUC Graduate Directs the Grand Central Partnership Neighborhood Social Service Corporation (p. 6)

Sociology PhD Student to Serve Another Term on National Muscular Dystrophy Association. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 6)


The Multinational Watch Tower: Examples of Bad Corporate Behavior. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 7)

Government Does It Better. Andrea Zimmerman (p. 7)


Robert L. Lindsay (p. 7)

Marx Wartofsky (p. 7)

Announcements / Advertisements

Conference in Honor of Arthur Schlessinger, Jr. Slated for May (p. 6)

Classified: English This Summer! English Camp of Maine (p. 7)

Your Classified Here (p. 11)

Public Policy Seminar Announcement (p. 11)

[The Student Center]. Attention CUNY Graduate Students! Are You Aware that there is a Place You Can Go 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week? Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 12)



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