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The Great Move Backward. Charles Reavis Price (p. 1)

Message From the Editor. Mark Petras (p. 1)

A Call To Action! Jocelyn Boryczka (p. 1)

Contents (p. 1)

Retraction: “A Certified Racist Professor at Graduate Center?” in The Advocate November/December 1999. The Media Board (p. 3)

Corrections and Clarifications. Mark Petras (p. 3)

Why The Advocate is an Embarrassment. Mark Noonan (p. 4)

In Defense of Jane Doe. Rob Hollander, Alumnus; Formerly: Editor-in-Chief, Advocate; DSC Co-Chair for Communications; DSC Co-Chair for Finances (p. 5)

Update on the Tolbert Case. Mark Petras and Mark Noonan (p. 5)

Bad Review, Worse Politics. Alan Moore, ABD, Art History, CUNY-GSUC (p. 6)

Basta Ya! Michelle Ronda (p. 7)

Housing in New York City Without West Hall: Tips for Finding and Keeping an Apartment Without Getting (Too) Ripped Off. Kim Spanjol (p. 8)

Financial Aid Fiasco (p. 8)

1984 at 365? Roberta Pikser (p. 9)

Cartoon: Funky Rubber Chicken (p. 12)

Masthead (p. 2)


Contra “Jane Doe” I. Stuart Liebman, Film Studies Certificate Program (p. 2)

Contra “Jane Doe” II. Jonathan Buchsbaum, Associate Professor, Graduate Center/Queens College (p. 2)



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