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Students Negotiate with Administration for Graduate Center Improvements. Susanna Jones and Charles Price (p. 1)

A Great Move Forward. Mark Noonan (p. 1)

Contents (p. 1)

Democratization, Communication, & the Role of Graduate Students in the Project of Higher Education at the GSUC. Jennifer Leigh Disney, Co-Chair for Communication, DSC (p. 3)

Hungry in Fresno: Funky Rubber Chicken (p. 4)

Horrorscopes. Dave Gerardi (p. 5)

Adjunct Beat. Kristin Lawler (p. 6)

A Call for a New Student Movement. Costas Panayotakis (p. 7)

New Caucus Debates the Unity Caucus; But Wait – The Unity Caucus Never Showed Up! Susanna Jones (p. 9)

Questions to Consider. Charles Reavis Price (p. 9)

CD Reviews. Dave Gerardi (p. 12)

Masthead (p. 2)


Corporate Art Still Sucks. Dave Gerardi (p. 2)

Los Pollitos Dicen Pío, Pío, Pío Cuando Tienen Hambre, Cuando Tienen Frio. Celia Perez-Ventura (p. 2)

Poetry / Poesía (p. 5)

If I Should Sleep. Ferhat Kutlucan

More Than Just Friends. Ferhat Kutlucan

2 poemas. Fernando Janer a duo con Eddie Santiago

Announcements / Advertisements

A16 (p. 8)

Whose CUNY? Our CUNY! The Advocate (p. 9)



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