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Rowdy Protests Hit Republican Convention (p. 1)

Image: Ralph Nader Speaking to the NAACP National Convention (p. 2)

The Adjunct Project. Kristin Lawler and Mark Halling, Adjunct Project Coordinators (p. 3)

Grad Center: At Last, Childcare at Grad Center; Hope it Will Last! Nassima Abdelli (p. 4)

Horrorscopes: Dave Gerardi (p. 5)

Recipe: An Important Message for Incoming Students. Dave Gerardi (p. 5)

Album Review: NOFX, Pump Up the Valuum. Dave Gerardi (p. 6)

Survival Tips: Preparatory Courses for Successful Graduate Studies. Nassima Abdelli (p. 12)

My Monthly Diatribe. Boneless Fillet of Chicken (p. 13)

Academia: Are We Responsible for this Material? Academia’s Three Eternal Questions. Arik Harhi (p. 14)

Masthead (p. 2)

Editorials (p. 2)

Join the Discussion. Mark Petras

Rack Attack Update. Mark Petras

Cartoon: The Political Spectrum in America Today. A Mark Petras Joint.

Letters (p. 3)

“Sensation” Debate Continues: Dear Dave Gerardi. Alan Moore

Synergy? Dave Gerardi

Update on “Sensation.” Alan Moore

Student Gov’t Introductions

What the DSC Can Do For You. Silvia Rivero, DSC Co-Chair for Student Affairs (p. 6)

How the DSC Works for Students. Jocelyn M. Boryczka, DSC Co-Chair for Communications (p. 7)

DSC Contact Information and Committees (p. 7)

Student Organizations Chartered by the DSC (p. 7)

GOP Convention

We Want Democracy Around the World and at Home. Direct Action Network, SLAM, and the Aug. 1st Coalition (p. 8)

Why Thousands Went to Philly to Disrupt the GOP Convention: Or, Why Didn’t I Read This in the New York Times? Corporate Globalization Comes Home: The Prison Industrial Complex. From Direct Action Network, SLAM, and the Aug. 1st Coalition (p. 8)

Free Speech Falls Victim to Police Crackdown. Ana Nogueira, Independent Media Center (p. 9)

Protesters Imprisoned in Philadelphia Face Brutal Treatment, Physical Assault. R2K Legal, Independent Media Center (p. 9)


Mr. American Socialist. Review of The Other American: The Life of Michael Harrington by Maurice Isserman (Public Affairs, 2000). Jason Schulman (p. 10)

Questioning Books: Ending the Reign of the Book. Fernando Janer (p. 11)

Poetry (p. 15)

Ineffable Chant. Patrick A. Thomas

Intimations of Mortality. Patrick A. Thomas

Poems: I Don’t Care; Years Ago; Where’s David Banner When We Need Him?; Method Man. Roasted Chicken

Announcements / Advertisements

Advocate Publication Schedule for Fall 2000 (p. 2)

Employment Opportunity at The Advocate (p. 3)

For Info Contact SLAM (p. 9)



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