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Image: Americans Rally Behind Ralph Nader and LaDuke as Election Day Approaches. [Samantha] Box (p. 1)

Graduate Center: Union Lays Out Bold Contract Pay and Benefit Parity for Adjuncts. Kristin Lawler (p. 2)

Masthead (p. 2)

Third Party Politics

Unfit to Print. Dave Gerardi and Mark Petras (p. 4)

Michael Moore Invigorates Nader Crowd. Dave Gerardi and Mark Petras (p. 4)

Electing to Dissent. Dave Gerardi (p. 4)

Bystander Shows Interest in Nader. Mark Petras (p. 5)

Signs of the Times. Dave Gerardi (p. 5)

Letter to the Media. Dave Gerardi and Elizabeth Sagarin (p. 5)

I’d Vote for Nader but… Ronni Michelle Greenwood (p. 6)

The Mature Thing to Do. Gina Neff (p. 8)

Local Elections and the Battle of Democracy. Louise Ammentorp (p. 9)

The Lighter Side

Hamlet Gets Interviewed for a Writing Fellow Gig. Mark Noonan (p. 10)

Horrorscopes. Dave Gerardi (p. 10)

Global Politics

Protest in Prague: Demonstrators Force Third-Day Shutdown of IMF and World Bank Summit Meetings. Andrew Kennis (p. 12)

Announcements / Advertisements

Write for The Advocate (p. 2)

Attention Grad Student Adjuncts and GTFS. The Adjunct Project (p. 3)

Hybrido: A Multicultural Magazine. The Hybrido Editors (p. 11)

The Ombuds Office. Rolf Meyersohn, Ombuds Officer (p. 11)

Cohen’s Fashion Optical (p. 12)



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