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Talking with Noam: In Part II of an Exclusive Interview, Noam Chomsky Discusses Flawed U.S. Policy on Colombia. Andrew Kennis (p. 1)

Same Old Same Old as Another Semester Begins. Tracy Steffy (p. 1)

Sartorial Sobriquets. Mrs. Eleanor B. Tippler, M.Sc. (p. 3)

At Robert Moses’s Knee: Where Herman Badillo Learned to Remove Blacks and Latinos from CUNY. Rob Wallace (p. 6)

Herman, Horowitz, and The Grad Center Whitewashing. Rob Wallace (p. 8)

Giuliani Shreds Bill of Rights; Costs New Yorkers $50 Million. Mark Petras (p. 8)

Escape from Park Ave: A Memoir. Frank Benjamin (p. 9)

Adjunct Organizing Update. Mark Halling (p. 10)

Did You Say Academic Honesty? Nassima Abdelli (p. 13)

The Story of Leonard Peltier. Andrew Kennis (p. 13)

Satisfactory Progress and Student Appeals Policies. Nassima Abdelli (p. 14)

How to Appeal a Grade or Termination from a Doctoral Program. Nassima Abdelli (p. 14)

Theft of the White House. Louise Ammentorp (p. 15)

Borrowed Rhetoric. Arthur Scherr (p. 15)

Masthead (p. 2)


Aiding Colombia’s “Drug War.” Kirk (p. 1)

Why the Average American Goes to Hell. B. Deutsch (p. 11)

Drive-by Shooting. Kirk (p. 12)

Colombia Policy. Kirk (p. 12)

Poetry (p. 10)

This Thing Called Love. Ferhat Kutlucan

Together. Ferhat Kutlucan

Announcements / Advertisements

Write for The Advocate (p. 2)

CUNY-Lingus: Know the Facts! Inaugural Jam Session [Poetry & Prose Readings] (p. 9)



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