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Adjunct Organizing

Adjunct Confessions. Tim McCormack (p. 2)

Adjunct Action Set to Heat Up in the Fall. Kristin Lawler (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 2)


Vice President for Student Affairs Sue Zalk Dies at 56. Nassima Abdelli and Mark Petras (p. 4)

Zalk was Advocate for Students. Jocelyn Boryczka (p. 4)

Zalk Worked Hard for Child Care. Linda Perrotta, Grad Center Director of Child Care (p. 4)

Comments from Colleagues (p. 4)

Sue Rosenberg Zalk: A Scholar, Mentor and Friend. Jennifer Leigh Disney (p. 4)

Childcare Center: A Year Later. Linda Perrotta (p. 7)

Student Government

The Doctoral Students Council. Silvia Rivero, DSC Co-Chair for Student Affairs (p. 6)

Student Organizations Chartered by the Doctoral Students Council (p. 7)

Poetry (p. 5)

I Love It You Love Me. Ferhat Kutlucan

You Love Me. Ferhat Kutlucan

The Dissertation Dance. Amee Shah

Untitled. Anonymous Author

Love Hate Relationships. Anonymous Author

Flying Machines. Mitchell Glodek

A Manhattan Hydrography. Mitchell Glodek

Domestic Politics

Militarism, Environment Destruction, and The Benefits (to Some) of Soiling Our Nest. Josh Little (p. 7)

Global Politics

Anti-Globalization Protests Hit Genoa; U.S. Mainstream Media Fail Again. Andrew Kennis (p. 9)

Indigenous Mexicans Continue Quest for Justice. Andrew Kennis (p. 11)

Local Politics

Anonymous Threats Can’t Stop Free Speech. Mark Petras (p. 12)

Announcements / Advertisements

Your Ad Here. The Advocate (p. 2)

Write for The Advocate (p. 2)

Learn to Speak Foreign Languages (p. 2)

Demand Justice. [Protest the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Annual Meeting]. Free CUNY (p. 3)

Wholesale Copies, Inc. (p. 8)



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