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Global Politics

Living After the Terror: Poverty, Despair, Grief Plague Chiapas Communities. Andrew Kennis (p. 2)

Masthead (p. 2)

Local Politics

Behind Green’s Blue Drapes. Rob Wallace (p. 6)

Neither Kabul, Nor Washington! Rob Wallace (p. 7)

1492 Office Exotic Dishes. Tamara Rosenberg (p. 7)

Lava Gina Will Keep You Coming Back for More. Tamara Rosenberg (p. 7)

Writing Fellows

Earn and Learn: $22,118 a Year at CUNY! Nassima Abdelli (p. 8)

Writing Fellow Experiences. Bonnie Oglensky, CUNY Writing Fellow at Bronx Community College in Response to Questions by Nassima Abdelli (p. 8)

My Writing [Fellowship] Process: A Communal Activity. Kimberlee J. Trudeau (p. 9)

Being a Writing Fellow. Gerard Dapena (p. 9)

Book Reviews

Socialism, Past and Future. Review of Socialism Unbound, 2nd ed. by Stephen Eric Bronner (Westview Press, 2000). Jason Schulman (p. 10)

The Ugly Five Letter Word. Review of The Working Class Majority: America’s Best Kept Secret by Michael Zweig (Cornell Univ. Press, 2000). Jason Schulman (p. 11)

Adjunct Organizing

Notes from the Adjunct Project. Kristin Lawler (p. 12)

Announcements / Advertisements

Your Ad Here. The Advocate (p. 2)

Learn to Speak Foreign Languages (p. 2)

Write for The Advocate (p. 2)

Wholesale Copies, Inc. (p. 12)



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