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CUNY Budget Under Attack. Marriah Star (p. 1)

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat on Foreign Nationals. Kimberly Chase (p. 1)

DSC Issues: Statement Against War on Iraq. James Trimarco (p. 1)

Editorial: The War, the Budget, and the Parochial Presidency (p. 2)

Masthead (p. 2)

Short Takes (p. 2)

Bread & Roses. [8th Annual Women’s Open Poetry and Performance Event]. Brecht Forum

Mass Confusion: Recycling Still in Effect for Metal and Mixed Paper. NYC.Gov

Be Protest-Savvy: Know Your Rights. New York Civil Liberties Union

Multi-Faith Panel Discussion

Award Named After Professor Edouard Glissant

Global Citizen Education. Office of Continuing Education and Public Programs

For the Health-Conscious. Wellness Center

The Left Regroups. Socialist Scholars’ Conference

Community News (p. 3)

GC President Horowitz Speaks Her Mind. Marcy Zipke

Global Protest Report

Global Peace Movement Shows its Power as UN Deliberates on a War on Iraq. Andrew Kennis (p. 4)

A Day of Opposition. Jason Schulman (p. 4)

What the World Needs Now: A New American Draft. Daniel Skinner (p. 5)

Feature (p. 12)

Venezuela’s Political Crisis: Will Hugo Chavez Survive? Andrew Kennis

Book Review / Column (p. 13)

Women on War and Peace. Review of Women on War: An International Anthology of Writings from Antiquity to the Present, edited and with an introduction by Daniela Gioseffi (Feminist Press, 2003). Daniel Skinner

When Good Girls Go Bad. Elizabeth Primamore

Viewpoints (p. 14)

Is Barnes and Noble Evil? Elisabeth Polizzi

New York City College/University Bookstores Owned by Barnes & Noble

DSC Bulletin (p. 15)

Figuring Out Health Insurance Options at CUNY. Kimberly Chase

DSC Position on the War Against Iraq, February 28, 2003

New Spring Semester DSC Office Hours

Calling All Students, Faculty and Staff. [Furnishings and decorations wanted for the DSC Social Lounge]

Where We Are (p. 16)

College Assistant Poet is Organizer as Well as Artist. Joshua Moses

Global Dance—Where Yoga Meets Dance: A Transformational Journey. Kristen Hoye

Poem: Household Prayer. Janet Kaplan

City Dateline [Events calendar]

Announcements / Advertisements

Women’s Liberation and National Health Care: Confronting the Myth of America. (p. 3)

[Apartments] For Rent by Owner (p. 14)


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