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CUNY No RNC Organizes Large CUNY Contingent at UFPJ March. James Trimarco (p. 1)

Contents (p. 1)

Haggard Leaving (p. 1)

Community News: LAC Conference a Success Despite Pitfalls. Will Weikart (p. 3)

Feature: Part-Time Faculty Meet at Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL) VI. Dominic Wetzel (p. 4)

What Are Your Feelings About the Commercial Advertisements on the Scaffolding Outside the GC? (p. 14)

Doctoral Students’ Council

The Doctoral Students’ Council Welcomes You. Paul McBreen, DSC Co-chair for Communications (p. 1)

DSC Executive & Steering Committee Office Hours (p. 15)

The DSC is Hiring for Positions of Adjunct Project Co-coordinators (p. 15)


Thus Spoke George: A Brief History of Bush’s Dualism. Dan Skinner (p. 5)

Anti-American Sentiment Strong Amongst Iraqi Intellectuals. Jae Myung Kim (p. 6)

How the Right Stole American Music or, A Political Manifesto for Musicians. Dan Skinner (p. 10)

Why Are the Olympians Laughing at Us? Gerasimos Karavitis (p. 11)

Local News

NYPD Targets Cyclists During RNC. Anonymous (p. 7)

Coverage of the Protests: An interview with Leslie Cagan, National Coordinator of United for Peace and Justice. Andrew Kennis and Benjamin Dangl (p. 8)

Against the Republicans: The Merits and Limitations of Peaceful Protest. Gerasimos Karavitis (p. 9)


Love Without Borders Celebrated in the Holy Land. Antonia Levy (p. 12)

Report from Queeruption VI. Dominic Wetzel (p. 13)


Film Review: “Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear and the Selling of American Empire” directed by Jeremy Earp and Sut Jhally. Paul McBreen (p. 14)

Tear Him for His Bad Verses. Jacob Kramer (p. 14)

Announcements / Advertisements

Coming Alive: DSC Party. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 3)

Anonymous Semen Donors Wanted. Park Avenue Fertility (p. 4)

Maui Tacos (p. 4)

O’Reilly’s Restaurant and Tavern (p. 5)

Empire State Hands-On Physical Therapy & Pain Center (p. 11)

Women’s Studies Speakers Series, Fall 2004 (p. 15)



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