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Scaffolding Ads Remain Despite Expired Deadline. Andrew Kennis (p. 1)

GC Students Win Right to Use Baruch Gym. James Trimarco (p. 1)

AELLA Bakes for the People of Haiti. Valeria Treves (p. 1)

Contents (p. 1)

Editorial: A Generation Comes of Age (p. 2)

Short Takes: CUNY Adopts Master Plan. CUNY Board of Trustees (p. 2)

Nuclear Double Standard in the Middle East. Jae Kim (p. 6)

Hierarchies in Bike Culture, Part II. Will Weikart (p. 10)

Conference Review: Old Bottles / New Wine: Renewing the Anarchist Tradition. Will Weikart (p. 11)

Some Facts About Hummers (p. 12)

Masthead (p. 2)

Community News

How Will Your Professors Vote? Tony Monchinski (p. 3)

Abu Ghraib at BMCC? Fatherland Security Hits CUNY. Abram Negrete (p. 4)

Opinions & Analysis

What about Vonnegut? Joe Sabino (p. 5)

From UnAmerican to Too American in Thirty Seconds. Shukhan Ng (p. 7)

Let’s Talk about America. Joseph Kaminski (p. 7)

Comparative Politics: A Commentary on the Bush / Kerry Debates. Dan Skinner (p. 8)

Choosing the Lesser Evil. Mariya Gluzman (p. 9)

If You Had a Sibling / Close Friend or Relative Who Was Considering Enrolling at the GC What Would You Tell Her or Him? (p. 11)

Round One: Marx [v.] Starbucks. Dan Skinner & Tony Monchinski (p. 16)

Book Review

Wrestling with Zion: Progressive Jewish-American Responses to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, edited and with an introduction by Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon (Grove Press). Jason Shulman (p. 13)

Film Reviews

New Progressive Documentaries: “The Corporation”; “Supersize Me”; and “Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train.” Tony Monchinski (p. 14)

“Tango, Un Giro Extraño” / “Tango, A Strange Turn” directed by Mercedes García Guevara. Harlan D. Whatley (p. 14)

Announcements / Advertisements

Empire State Hands-On Physical Therapy & Pain Center (p. 4)

O’Reilly’s Restaurant and Tavern (p. 5)

Sleeping through Class? Doctoral Student Council Coffee Hour (p. 5)

Duke’s Graduate Program in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Duke University (p. 9)

Ace Your Job Interview. Cross-Cultural Connection (p. 13)

DSC Announcements. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 15)

Women’s Studies Certificate Program (p. 15)

Latin American Film Series. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 16)



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