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Wellness Center Survives Fee Crisis: DSC Funding of Student Health Services Assured; Referendum Passes 654 to 457 (p. 1)

Corporate Rubbish: Evaluating Restaurant Associates’ Environmental Claims about Styrofoam Cups. Lea Johnson (p. 1)

From the Editor. Spencer Sunshine (p. 2)

Academic Repression (p. 2)

People Get Ready: Historic PSC Mass Meeting Packs Cooper Union. Abby Schoneboom (p. 3)

Academic Repression in the First Person: Interview with Carol Lang: Is CUNY Trying to Silence a Long-Time Critic on Trumped-Up Charges? Spencer Sunshine (p. 4)

This Could Happen to You. Andy Smith (p. 5)

Analysis: Iraqi Democracy: Is Civil War the Solution? Ozgur Usenmez (p. 6)

Meet the DSC Steering Committee Members (p. 11)

Masthead (p. 2)


Eat Here Now: Forget 365 Express—If You Like Your Food Good (and Cheap), Check Out These GC-Area Eateries. Elizabeth Alsop (p. 8)

Film Review: “Mondovino.” Harlan D. Whatley (p. 9)

Wine on a Grad Student Budget. Harlan D. Whatley (p. 9)

A Populist Movement: The Free Market Nigerian Movie Industry. Roderick Graham (p. 10)

Back Page (p. 12)

Tarot Astrology: What Do the Stars and Cards Hold in Store for You? Heather Royce-Roll

What Do You Think About the Food Options and Services in the Building?

Announcements / Advertisements

Never Submit – Contribute!! The Advocate (p. 2)

Wholesale Copies, Inc. (p. 9)

Career Path … Or Road to Nowhere? A New Media Lab Expo on Graduate Education and Digital Media (p. 9)

Editing and Proofreading. Hugh Roth (p. 11)



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