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Anger, Warnings, and Grim Talk at the GC Community Meeting. From Floppies to Flash Drives: The Future of Info Resources. Dan Skinner (p. 1)

The GC Bar: A Requiem. Dan Skinner (p. 1)

Guest Editorial: My Kittens… Your Money. Jameel Haque (p. 2)

Academic Repression in the First Person: Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger! Michael Bérubé (p. 3)

On Getting Involved. Chang Wojtkowski (p. 4)

It’s Nice to be Mean. Dan R. Quiles (p. 4)

Promises & Problems: Howard Stern’s Move to Satellite Radio. Tony Monchinski (p. 5)

Neither Occupation Nor Political Islam: A Secular, Democratic, and Progressive Alternative in Iraq? Robert Augman (p. 6)

Reflections on Democracy in Haiti and Palestine. Nirit Ben-Ari (p. 7)

The Global Cartooning Crisis: American Artists Respond. Kristian Williams (p. 8)

The Joy of Plumbing. Andrea Siegel (p. 10)

Masthead (p. 2)

Book Review (p. 9)

"It’s the Jews - The Jews, I Tell Ya!!" Review of Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama bin Laden, edited and introduced by Bruce Lawrence (Verso, 2005). Spencer Sunshine.

DVD Review (p. 10)

Yesterday’s Gauntlet, Today’s Guantanamo. Review of Punishment Park, directed by Peter Watkins (1971 / DVD release 2005). Spencer Sunshine.

Doctoral Students Council (p. 11)

Grad Council Participation a Success – Let’s Keep it Up!

DSC Spring Party

DSC to Help Save Darfur—Rally to Stop Genocide in Washington

Frick Plaque Returned

April Movie Ticket Discount Sale

GC Bar in Jeopardy

DSC Elections—Don't Forget to Vote!

Important Upcoming DSC Dates

Help Wanted: Adjunct Project Coordinator

Back Page (p. 12)

Grad Student Astrology: What Do the Stars Hold in Store for You? Heather Royce-Roll.

Is the Graduate Center a Diverse Institution? Why or Why Not?

Announcements / Advertisements

Job Opening: Editor-in-Chief, The Advocate (p. 2)

Free Concert: The Doctors Orchestral Society of New York (p. 4)

Wholesale Copies, Inc. (p. 6)

Spring has Sprung! DSC Party (p. 11)



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