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Graduate Center Set to Go Wireless: 1st Phase Done by End of Spring ‘07, IT Provost says. Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff (p. 1)

CUNY’s Iraq Vets Seeking New Purpose in Activism. Marriah Star (p. 1)

BoT Buys Baruch Prez a House. Advocate Staff (p. 1)

From the Editor’s Desk: Our Fashionable Cynicism (p. 2)

GC Technology: New Tech Chief Faces Thankless Role. Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff (p. 2)

Academic Repression in the First Person: Two Plus Two Make Four – and Substantiate It. Kevin Barrett (p. 3)

Dispatches from the Front: First-Person Essays on Teaching. The Politics and Ethics of Schooling. Tony Monchinski (p. 4)

Repression and Revolt in Oaxaca: PSC and Local Labor Take to the Streets in Solidarity. Advocate Staff (p. 5)

Who are the Board of Trustees…and Why Should You Care? Advocate Staff (p. 8)

Annotated Bibliography: A CUNY GC Faculty 2006 Bookshelf. Harriet Zanzibar (p. 10)

Masthead (p. 2)

Book Review

The Relevance of Noam Chomsky’s 9-11. Review of 9-11 by Noam Chomsky (Open Media, October 2001). Kimora (p. 11)

Music Reviews

Death of a Rock Cliché. Reviews of “Rather Ripped” by Sonic Youth (Geffen) and “The Obliterati” by Mission of Burma (Matador). Anton Borst (p. 12)

Theater Review

A New 'Man' for a New Century. Review of The Man Himself by Alan Drury, adapted by Ami Dayan. Frank Episale (p. 13)

Film Review

Lee’s Requiem Reveals the True Tragedy of Katrina. Review of “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts,” directed by Spike Lee. Tim Krause (p. 14)

Doctoral Students Council (p. 15)

News to Use from the DSC

If You’re a New Student, Welcome to the Graduate Center!

Game Room

Ways to Get Money from the DSC

Coffee Hour!

Chartered Organizations

Important DSC Dates

Parting Words

The Back Page (p. 16)

Pro-life Groups Target Graduate Center. Matt Lau

Student Forum: If You Could Say One Thing to CUNY Chancellor Goldstein, What Would it Be?

Announcements / Advertisements

Don’t Be a “Decider;” Be a “Contributor.” Write for the GC Advocate. (p. 2)

Maui Tacos (p. 3)

Third Annual Marathon Reading of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself.” South Street Seaport Museum (p. 3)

Great Meals, Great Deals. Oxford Café (p. 5)

GC Advocate Open House (p. 10)

Hunan 5th Ave. (p. 11)

Feeling Tortured by Writer’s Block? Dr. Rose McAloon (p. 13)

Circus Amok (p. 13)



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