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CCNY Students Sue Over Shakur Sign (p. 1)

Pataki Appoints Two Trustees in Last-Minute Senate Meeting (p. 1)

From the Editor’s Desk: Welcome to CUNY Inc. (p. 2)

GC Technology - Tech Notes: Dude, Where’s My Computer Lab? (p. 3)

Correction (p. 3)

The Best and Worst of 2006 (p. 4)

Dispatches from the Front - Coming to Voice: What My Students Taught Me. Marta Bladek (p. 5)

What Do We Do When the Lights Go Out at CUNY? Karl Lindskoog (p. 6)

Academic Repression in the First Person: The Attack on Higher Education and the Necessity of Critical Pedagogy. Henry Giroux (p. 14)

Letters (p. 2)

Re: Grover Furr’s “Lies, Damn Lies, and David Horowitz.” Frank Crocco, English Department.

Re: Bush’s Private Armies, Seen from Within. Don Mitchell.

Idema’s Warriors. Ted Kavanau, CCNY 1955.

Idema’s Warriors. John Edwards Tiffany, Esq., Attorney for Jack Idema.

Michael Busch Responds. Michael Busch.

Masthead (p. 3)

Spring Books Pullout

The Horror, The Horror: 2006 in Horror. Reviews of Cell by Stephen King (Scribner), The Ruins by Scott Smith (Knopf), and The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Tony Monchinski (p. 7)

Of Free Trade and High-Tech Magellans. Review of The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005). Maurice Leach (p. 8)

The Disease that Changed History. Review of The Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic – And How it Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World by Steven Johnson (Riverhead Books, 2006). Lindsay Sara Krasnoff (p. 9)

The Song Writer, Essentially. Review of Bob Dylan: The Essential Interviews edited by Jonathan Cott (Wenner Books). George Fragopoulos (p. 10)

I’ve Never Met a Man Who Knew So Much About Nothing. Reviews of The Parallax View by [Slavoj] Zizek and Planet of Slums [by Mike Davis]. Matt Lau (p. 11)

Dissecting an American Disaster. Reviews of Fiasco by Thomas E. Ricks (Penguin, 2006) and The Occupation by Patrick Cockburn (Verso). Michael Busch (p. 12)

Music Reviews (p. 16)

The Art of Noise: But…Is it Music? Reviews of “I Dated the Devil” by Antonius Block (Trost Records, 2006) and “Plays Polmo Polpo” by Sandro Perri (Constellation Records, 2006). Anton Borst.

Theater Reviews (p. 17)

Timely “Dutchman” Revival Falls Short. Reviews of Dutchman by Amiri Baraka, directed by Bill Duke, and The Fever by Wallace Shawn, directed by Scott Elliott. Frank Episale.

Film Review (p. 18)

In Nightmares: David Lynch’s “Inland Empire.” Review of “Inland Empire,” directed by David Lynch. Tim Krause.

News You Can Use from the DSC (p. 19)

Welcome Back Students

Issues and Advocacy

DSC Funds

Dates to Remember for the Semester

The Back Page (p. 20)

President Kelly Consents to Swimsuit Calendars. Matt Lau.

Student Forum: What Was the Last Great Book that you Read and Why?

Announcements / Advertisements

Maui Tacos (p. 5)

Feeling Tortured by Writer’s Block? Dr. Rose McAloon (p. 5)

Labyrinth Books (p. 5)

Writers Wanted. The Advocate (p. 16)

Can You Draw? Do You Make People Laugh? The Advocate (p. 19)

Asian American / Asian Research Institute. CUNY Asian Faculty & Staff: Lunar New Year Reception; “Natural Hazards Revisited” Evening Lecture Series; Language Corner (p. 19)



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