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Adjunct Pay: More Experience Means Less Money. Ellen Balleisen (p. 1)

Resisting the War Machine One 1040 at a Time. Philip Fairbanks (p. 1)

From the Editor’s Desk: “Truth Will Out”: Don Imus and the Return of the Living Repressed (p. 2)

Graduate Center Technology: Help Desk Getting Some Help of Its Own (p. 3)

Academic Repression Update: A Question of Scholarship: On the Tenure Controversy of Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein. Christopher Brown (p. 4)

Dispatches from the Front: Viva Flamenco!: Or, Teaching with Duende in the American Classroom. Szidonia Haragos (p. 5)

Going Without: Grad Students Face Increasingly Tough Choices Over Health Care. Denise Torres (p. 7)

Masthead (p. 2)


Accusing Sami Al-Arian. Stephen M. Flatow (p. 2)

Philip Fairbanks Responds. Philip Douglas Salem Khaled Felah Fairbanks (p. 2)

Cheers… Barbara Maddox (p. 3)

[Re: History of the World, Part 28]. Kurt Conklin (p. 3)

[Re: Matt Lau’s article on President Kelly]. Roberto Martinez (p. 3)

…And Jeers! [Re: Faculty Bikini Carwash]. Tracy E. Robey (p. 3)

Matt Lau Responds [to Tracy E. Robey] (p. 3)

Book Reviews

This is Not Some Joke, Like on “The Daily Show.” Review of Metapolitics by Alain Badiou (Verso Books, 2006). Matt Lau (p. 12)

Of the “Silly Women and the Striplings.” Review of To Set This World Right: Antislavery Movement in Thoreau’s Concord by Sandra Harbert Petrulionis (Cornell U Press, 2006). Nikhail Bilwakesh (p. 13)

Theater Reviews (p. 14)

To Love and Die in New York. Reviews of Dying City by Christopher Shinn and fuckplays, written and directed by various artists. Frank Episale.

Music Reviews (p. 16)

Owning Music: The Aesthetics of Acquisition. Reviews of “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone” by Explosions in the Sky (The Temporary Residence Limited, 2007), “Bog Lord” from Half-Eaten Guitar by Wyrd Visions (Bluefrog Recordings, 2006) and Yahoo! Music. Anton Borst.

Film Review (p. 18)

Gory, Gory, Hallelujah! Review of “300,” directed by Zach Snyder. Tim Kraus.

Spring News from the Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 19)

DSC Parties

DSC Funds

Health Issues Committee

DSC Group Page

We Want to Hear From You!

Important Upcoming Dates

The Back Page (p. 20)

After Arrests, Graduate Center to Enter Foster Care. Matt Lau.

Did You Know?

Announcements / Advertisements

Mé Bar, La Quinta Inn (p. 4)

Don’t Submit. Contribute. The Advocate (p. 5)

Actual Letter from a College Graduate to His Mother Concerning Legal and Illegal Drug Use. Common Sense for Drug Policy (p. 7)

Feeling Tortured by Writer’s Block? Dr. Rose McAloon (p. 8)

Activist Culture and the State of Radical Art. Frank H. Little. No War But Class War. Martin E. Segal Theatre (p. 8)

Maui Tacos (p. 8)

Subway Sandwiches (p. 9)

Katwalk NYC. All Fun, No Drama (p. 11)

Advocate Totally Awesome Film Series (p. 17)

Student Coffee Hour. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 19)



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