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PSC Contract Battle Begins; CUNY, Union Far from Agreement (p. 1)

“For Those Whose Deaths Never Made the News.” Roisin O’Connor-McGinn (p. 1)

Health Services Still in Limbo: DSC, VP Seek Interim Solutions (p. 1)

From the Editor’s Desk: The Politics of Personality: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying about [Ahmadinejad] and Love Iran (p. 2)

Graduate Center Technology: GC IT Gets $1M Grant for Net Development (p. 2)

Fax Services for GC Students (p. 3)

Zotero Takes on EndNote and RefWorks (p. 3)

Dispatches from the Front: Not Another Dangerous Minds Story: Challenging the Teacher-as-Savior Myth. Nichole Stanford (p. 4)

Adjuncting: Adjuncts, Who’s Got Your Back? Your Students. Carl Lindskoog (p. 5)

Grad Life: Working Overtime: Parenting in Grad School. Rachel Porter (p. 6)

Should the U.S. Left Embrace Chávez? Martin Burke and Elham Seyedsayamdost (p. 8)

Masthead (p. 2)

Book Reviews (p. 12)

West, Young Man: The Novels of Orhan Pamuk. Reviews of The White Castle (George Braziller, 1991); My Name is Red (Knopf, 2007); The New Life (Knopf, 1998); and Other Colors: Essays and a Story (Knopf, 2007). George Fragopoulos.

Theater Reviews (p. 14)

Culture Project Offers Up a Double Dose of Socially Conscious Theatre. Reviews of “Tings Dey Happen,” written and performed by Don Hoyle; and “Till the Break of Dawn,” written and directed by Danny Hoch.

Music Reviews (p. 16)

Jazz and Capitalism, or, “I Want to Get Jazzed!” Reviews of Fleurine at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola; Andy Biskin at The Stone; and Kristin Norderval at The Stone. Mark Schiebe.

Film Review (p. 18)

Cronenberg Puts a Modern Spin on the Traditional Gangster Film. Review of “Eastern Promises,” directed by David Cronenberg.

News from the Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 19)

Fall Party

Important Dates

Website Update

Focus on the Health Issues Committee

Doctoral Student Research Grant Program

Wellness Center Reimbursement Plan

Finance Committee

Library Committee

The Back Page (p. 20)

Guitar Center Acquires CUNY Graduate Center. Matt Lau.

Ask Harriet. Harriet Zanzibar.

Announcements / Advertisements

Check Out the GC Advocate Website for Original Web-Only Content. The Advocate (p. 4)

Labor, Resistance, Revolution: A Film Series. Presented by The Advocate & DSC Adjunct Project (p. 5)

Mé Bar. La Quinta Inn (p. 6)

O’Reilly’s Restaurant and Tavern (p. 11)

Swift Copy Printing (p. 11)

Feeling Tortured by Writer’s Block? Rose McAloon, Ph.D. (p. 12)

Troubled by Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, Insomnia, Life Crises? Core Energetics. Tom Smith, Certified CE Practitioner (p. 12)

Subway Sandwiches (p. 15)



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