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From the Editor’s Desk: I Want to Believe (p. 2)

Guest Editorial: Class Struggle and the PSC. Tom Smith (p. 3)

Opinion: Tech Fee: Let Students Decide. Gregory Donovan and Rob Faunce (p. 4)

Adjuncting: Grad Students, Job Security, and Health Care. Jessie Goldstein and Renée McGarry (p. 4)

Dispatches from the Front: Of Earth Monsters and Adjunct Lecturers. Renée McGarry (p. 5)

Grad Life: The Summer Fling. Erin Lee Mock (p. 6)

Political Analysis: China, New York, and the American Way. Justin Rogers-Cooper (p. 7)

The PSC’s “Adjunct Problem”: The Proposed Contract and the Future of CUNY’s Biggest Union. Advocate Staff (p. 8)

Masthead (p. 2)

CUNY News in Brief (p. 5)

Cuts to CUNY Budget

GC Technology Fee Increases

Graduate Center Gets New Nurse Practitioner, Finally

What’s Happening to America? A Forum on the State of the Nation (p. 10)

Real Change. Frances Fox Piven (p. 10)

“No Problem.” Peter Hitchcock (p. 11)

Youth and the Crisis of the Future. Henry A. Giroux (p. 13)

Book Reviews (p. 14)

Neoliberalism and its Discontents. Reviews of Escape from Empire: The Developing World’s Journey through Heaven and Hell by Alice H. Amsden (MIT Press, 2007) and Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang (Bloomsbury, 2008). Robert Sauté.

Art Review (p. 16)

Suprematism Revisited: The Works of Nikolai Suetin and Vera Ermolaeva. Natasha Kurchanova.

Music Review (p. 18)

Redemption? The (D)evolution of Smalls. Reviews of Smalls and “Invisible Cinema” by Aaron Parks (Blue Note, 2008). Mark Schiebe.

Theater Review (p. 19)

The Still Small and Alluring Voice of the Fringe. Review of the New York International Fringe Festival. Frank Episale.

Film Review (p. 20)

Living Degree Zero. Review of “Frozen River,” written and directed by Courtney Hunt. Tim Krause.

News from the Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 22)

Hello, 2008-09 DSC Steering Committee!

Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast...

Special Guest(s) at the DSC Plenary!

Important Dates

The Back Page (p. 24)

Governor to Close CUNY, Open Sex-Addict Recovery Center. Matt Lau.

Ask Harriet: Jackal and Hyde. Harriet Zanzibar.

Announcements / Advertisements

Katwalk NYC. All Fun No Drama (p. 12)

The Third Annual Advocate Film Series [Schedule] (p. 21)

Mé Bar. La Quinta Inn (p. 22)

Ikea (p. 23)



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