Date of Degree


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Urban Education


Juan Battle

Committee Members

Anthony Picciano

Dante Tawfeeq

Subject Categories

Science and Mathematics Education


instructional technology, mathematics, black males, socioeconomic status, student perception of math ability


For a national sample of Black male students, what is the relative impact of instructional technology on 10th and 12th grade math scores? This dissertation employs two waves of the Education Longitudinal Study (2002 & 2004) and multivariate statistical techniques to explore the relative importance of instructional technology (implementation by teachers and training for teachers), student perception of math ability, teacher and school effects, as well as socioeconomic status on high school math scores for this unique population.

Bourdieu’s cultural and social capital, Coleman’s cultural capital and social action, Martin’s equity-based math education, and Gutierrez’s socio-political mathematics will serve as theoretical lenses for this work.



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