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Justin Vazquez-Poritz

Committee Members

Andrea Ferroglia

Daniel Kabat

James Liu

Giovanni Ossola

Justin Vazquez-Poritz

Subject Categories

Elementary Particles and Fields and String Theory


Gravity, Supergravity, Classical Solution, Black Hole, String Theory, AdS/CFT


In this Ph.D. thesis we construct three classes of new solutions to supergravity theories in various dimensions and study their properties. The first class is reduction ansatz of 10D and 11D supergravity on Ricci-flat and noncompact manifolds. These reductions are from a scaling limit of the famous spherical reductions, and can be solely supported by warp factors. The second class contains a large number of String/M theory solutions that have Lifshitz or Schrodinger scaling symmetry, obtained from marginally deforming the geometry of internal dimensions of previous solutions. We propose that these new solutions are dual to marginal deformations of certain holographic non-relativistic field theories. The last class are singly spinning non-spherical black holes named black rings in 5D $U(1)^3$ supergravity with three dipole charges and three electric charges, which lie in the classification of 5D nonsupersymmetric black holes. We analyze their thermodynamic and global properties. As a byproduct, we embed the three dipole black ring into spacetime that contains background magnetic fields.