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Tamara M. Green

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Classical Literature and Philology | Classics


Chronos, etymology, Hesiod, Kronos


Despite the current state of uncertainty regarding the etymology of Kronos, the equivalence long familiar to the ancients between Kronos and Chronos is still a moot point. Arguments denying their etymological equivalence can no longer firmly rely on linguistic arguments. It is therefore necessary to examine the validity of the time-honored interpretation of Kronos as the personification of Time. The solution to this problem is of considerable importance to Classical studies, since it will not so much as contribute to a better understanding of the myth of Kronos, as the interpretation of Kronos as Time is already familiar from ancient sources, but it will demand a rereading of Hesiod's Theogony to account for the possible relation of its myth and symbols to comparable myths and symbols of the transitioning ages of the world and consequent calendrical corrections.



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