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Liberal Studies


Joseph W. Dauben

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Medicine and Health Sciences


Unintended consequences, bacteria, resistance, antibiotics, solutions


This thesis entails the study of bacteria that cause infections requiring antibiotic treatments and the development of antibiotic resistance as an unintended consequence. Antibiotics were originally formulated to remedy medical problems, but the consequence of inappropriate usage has created a serious setback: the development of drug-resistant bacteria. The objective of this thesis is to illuminate the misuse, over-prescription, and mis-monitoring of the dispensing of antibiotics that results in the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. However, the core of the thesis is to evaluate the solutions implemented thus far to remedy the already existing problem of resistant bacteria and to propose suggestions for developing new solutions. Resistant bacteria are non-responsive to any antimicrobial treatments, which ultimately limit medical therapeutics. For future implications, two studies are proposed that suggest interventions to enhance existing solutions. Investigating the effects of the suggested experiments will create other possible explanations to remedy the problem of resistant bacteria.

On a global scale, the development of resistant bacteria could lead to a pandemic. The purpose of highlighting that this is a problem is to urge government agencies to review policies implemented for medication management, and to rethink/restructure those rules currently in place to better manage the dispensing of medicines, specifically antibiotics. The main task of writing this thesis is to focus on the solutions that are already established and to brainstorm and employ other innovative ways to remedy the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.