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Liberal Studies


Konstantinos Alexakos

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Educational Methods | Liberal Studies | Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education


mindfulness, wellness, emotions in education


In our everyday life, people feel busy, rushed, pressured to be productive and successful. There is little room for pausing, slowing down, having a moment of non-judgmental reflection on everyday activities, which include learning. One way to achieve balance and harmony in life is to become more mindful of oneself and one’s emotions. I argue that the speed and drive for productivity and achievement has disharmonized our lives, from the learning process inside and outside of the classroom to the way we interact with technology and attempt to find balance in life. Through my own personal journey of reflection on my own education, I look at the role of emotions in the classroom and what that means for me in regards to having a meaningful experience in learning. By applying techniques like mindful meditation I am working on changing my own habits of using digital devices like smart phones. As someone who is an adult who is working, going to graduate school and has a family, who lives in the times of digital devices dominating our life, I explore what it is like to try and find harmony within oneself, and argue that becoming mindful is the first necessary step.