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Urban Education


Anthony Picianno

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Nicholas M. Michelli

Karen Koellner

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Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Education Policy | Teacher Education and Professional Development | Urban Studies


edTPA, New York, teacher licensure


The edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) is a nationally distributed and scored standards-based teacher performance assessment being promoted throughout the country (AACTE, n.d.-a). This mixed methods study investigated the experiences of New York City teacher candidates and teacher educators with the elementary education edTPA portfolio. It was found that teacher candidates experienced various supports and challenges based on their personal demographics, school of education, and student teaching placements. Additionally, the edTPA affected participants' personal, professional, academic and student teaching experiences. Furthermore, the study revealed ways that implementation of the edTPA affected teacher educators and the teacher education curriculum.

Based on the findings, multiple semesters of student teaching, structures but not firm deadlines, technology support, and working with peers were helpful. There was an apparent need for more faculty training, more informed and consistent cooperating teachers and field supervisors, and emotional/psychological support for teacher candidates to mitigate the stress of the process. Furthermore, there is a concern that the factors associated with urban teaching make taking the edTPA more challenging and dissuade teacher candidates and schools of education from placing student teachers in this setting.

Policy recommendations include having a safety-net more consistent with the other State assessments, increasing funding for the ongoing demands to provide appropriate support, changes to the scoring process and portfolios, and allowing for teacher educators to contest a score that is inconsistent to field assessments.