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Antoni Pizà

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Antoni Pizà

Daniel Phillips

Norman Carey

Walter Aaron Clark

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Music | Music Performance


Joaquín Rodrigo, Concierto de Estío, Spanish Music, Spanish Violin, Spanish Violin School, Spanish Violin Concerto, Twentieth-Century Spanish Music


This dissertation provides a performer's guide to the Concierto de Estío (1943), a violin concerto by Joaquín Rodrigo (1901–1999). It offers an in-depth study of the Concierto by setting the work in its historical, biographical, and musical context, as well as analyzing its form, style, and performance issues, and by considering its technical difficulties and details of interpretation. It provides a general historical background to the evolution of the Spanish violin school during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and also outlines Rodrigo’s contribution to the violin repertoire.

The Concierto de Estío is an important addition to the genre in general, and to the Spanish violin repertoire in particular. While research into the Spanish violin repertoire remains scant, and very few scholarly books are currently available, it is my hope that this study will enhance international exposure of Rodrigo’s work and help to deepen interest in twentieth-century Spanish violin music among scholars and performers alike.