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Liberal Studies


David Gordon

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International and Area Studies | Other International and Area Studies | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Cold War, New Cold War, Ukraine, Eastern Ukraine, Soviet Union, US-Russia Relations


The rebirth of the Cold War threatens a potential nuclear crisis. This thesis draws attention to this danger if the ongoing US - Russian confrontation is ignored. Its main focus however is on the behavior of the Russian Federation: and how its domestic and foreign policies have contributed to this situation. The thesis consists of an introduction, two chapters, and a conclusion. The introduction provides a short history of the Cold War and a brief preface to the first chapter. Chapter I, Russia Versus the United States, focuses on the Western-Russian differences and the policies derived from this. In Chapter II, Ukraine’s Crisis, the Western-Russian confrontation is examined in this particular arena. The Conclusion summarizes the findings and provides areas for further investigation, as well as a potential solution to Ukrainian-Russian tensions.



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