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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


David Halle

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Film and Media Studies | International Business | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Other Anthropology | Other Business | Politics and Social Change | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Psychology and Interaction | Social Work | Sociology | Urban Studies and Planning | Women's Studies


homelessness, united nations family, internships, studies, financial crisis, power


The capstone “Dehumanization” is divided into three main parts.

The first part contains a brief presentation on the UN family (or UN system), showing its role through its organizational and managerial structures. All data are derived from UN corresponding websites.

The second part, “Homelessness,” focuses on the SDG 11 of the 2030 GA Agenda. In 2014 the United Nations Human Rights Council appointed Leilani Farha Special Rapporteur on adequate housing in order to conduct research on the subject of homelessness as a violation of human rights. In her report, presented at the Human Rights Council in March 2016, Farha claims that the right to adequate housing is usually treated more as a socioeconomic policy objective rather than as a fundamental right. Moreover, Farha’s report examined the parameters of social exclusion, discrimination, and the loss of dignity incurred by homeless people. Farha considers homelessness a global human rights crisis directly linked to increased inequality of wealth and property.In this section of the capstone, the outcomes and proposals of Farha’s report are presented.

The third part, titled “New York/Bio,” provides a firsthand account of the difficulties faced by a person who lacks shelter.