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Capstone Project

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Barbara Weinstein

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Speech Pathology and Audiology


Hearing loss, Parkinson's Disease, Self-reported measures, hearing screening, care partner burden


The goal of this study is to evaluate the relationship between self-reported subjective hearing loss and objective measures of hearing in older adults with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), as well as the relationship between self-reported hearing handicap of those with PD and the report of their care partners. Twenty-four individuals, comprised of older adults with PD and their primary care partners, underwent subjective and objective hearing screenings and completed measures of self-reported hearing handicap. Results revealed no significant relationship between the subjective and objective hearing screening results of those with PD, nor any significant relationship between the self-report of hearing handicap as reported by the individual with PD and the report of their care partner. Results support previous research, suggesting that those with PD fail to self-report hearing loss. Results of this study also suggest that the care partners of Parkinsonian adults may be unable to reliably identify the functional manifestations of hearing loss within their significant other. Results of this study therefore support a need for mandated audiological care within the Parkinsonian community in order to identify those affected by the co-morbid presentation of hearing loss and PD, and their care partners. Implications of this study encourage additional research into the relationship of PD and age-related hearing loss.