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Liberal Studies


David Halle

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Asian Studies | International Relations | Other International and Area Studies | Other Languages, Societies, and Cultures | Politics and Social Change | Sociology of Culture


Sociology of Corruption, Forms of Corruption, Measuring Corruption, Corruption in India, Scams & Cases of Corruption in India, Power & Politics


Corruption is rampant in India and is prevalent in every sector of the Indian society. The purpose of this paper is to discuss selected cases to understand the widespread corruption that occurs in various sectors of the society such as academia, business, banking, law enforcement and other everyday services. This paper will address how the social order contributes to these corrupt practices, and tries to shed some light on how corrupt practices have been socially accepted and have become an unavoidable norm in many cases. The paper also studies the structures that exist and aide in augmenting corruption in India and how corruption affects the Indian economy. Further, this paper briefly examines the Indian laws and regulations, actions taken by the Indian government to eliminate or control corruption, its consequences on the society, reasons for the lack of strict implementation of these laws, the lack of financial transparency, and how the organizational makeup of the Indian society makes it easier to continue such illegal practices.